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April 11, 2007

Build a Hall Effect Gaussmeter

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Rick Hoadley (the Magnet Man) has put together a simple gaussmeter project that uses a hall effect sensor to measure magnetic fields. The video shows two meters, one that uses a PIC microcontroller to measure and show the values and the simple version. There is no plans for the PIC version that I could see. Perhaps if there is enough demand Rick will make some plans and code available.

“Have you ever wanted to find out how strong a magnet really was, or how the strength of the magnetic field varied as you changed the distance from the magnet or the temperature of the magnet, or how well a shield placed in front of the magnet worked? Voltmeters are fairly inexpensive and easy to find, but where do you purchase a Gaussmeter (also known as a magnetometer). I built a hand-held Gaussmeter for measuring the polarity and strength of a magnetic field. It uses a linear Hall effect device and some op-amps and resistors and things from Radio Shack.

I will first describe a very simple, inexpensive Hall effect device Gaussmeter you can build for as little as $6. Then I will describe a Gaussmeter with a few more bells and whistles.”