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April 8, 2007

Technique hints promise of a Tabletop X-ray Laser

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Looks like there might be a breakthrough in x-ray technology very soon. This article is from the free Electronic Products magazine that is one of the Hacked Gadgets engineering magazines offered.

“Removing a major obstacle in the quest to build a tabletop x-ray laser that could be used for biological and medical imaging, a team of researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder has developed a technique to generate laser-like x-ray beams. The team used a laser to pluck an electron from an atom of argon, a highly stable chemical element, and then slam it back into the same atom to create a boomerang action that generates a weak but directed beam of x rays.

Current x-ray imaging technology is limited by spatial resolution, and the creation of a practical x-ray laser would enable deep imaging of structures and tissues with a high degree of clarity and focus.

The technology overcomes the obstacle of combining the different x-ray waves emitted from a large number of atoms into a beam intense enough to be useful by sending pulses of visible laser light into the gas in the opposite direction of the laser beam generating the x rays. The weak laser beam manipulates the electrons whose emissions are out of sync with the main beam, slamming them back to generate x rays at just the right time, intensifying the strength of the beam by over a hundred times.”


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8 Responses to “Technique hints promise of a Tabletop X-ray Laser”

  1. max Says:

    Wow, these guys look kinda serious about this…and dangerous…

  2. Ptr Says:

    I really don’t see a use for a X-ray machine in the house, but might be a real space/money saver in small medical establishments.

  3. Clark Hummell Says:

    Next stop, x-ray goggles!

  4. Henkie Says:

    They’re wearing pretty funky glasses already

  5. liesofxiii Says:

    Blueray eat your heart out?
    Idk, sounds kinda sketchy
    I’m still waiting for my hover board :/

  6. Hexypoo Says:

    Coming to borough near you soon. No but seriously with nationalized health care in the US…

  7. Chris Says:

    Wake me when they’re available in Gatling form.

  8. ivakmm Says:

    Hi My Name Is ivaaik.

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