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April 7, 2007

AVR Ethernet Weather Station

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Guido Socher
build this Ethernet Weather Station project that uses an AVR microcontroller to process data from weather sensors. Software and schematics are provided.

“Using an add-on card to the already existing avr ethernet board we build a weather station. That is a weather station with a build-in webserver.

My original plan was to have sensors for temperature, air pressure and wind. I started a prototype and it worked very well except for the wind measurement part. I have written a separate article about it: wind-vane-ver01.shtml. I plan to improve the wind measurement hardware and add it at a later point in time.

For now the weather station has 2 temperature sensors and an air pressure sensor. It works reliable and precise even after several month of testing.

For the sensors we will use:

* For temperature measurements: LM335. This sensor is cheap and has a linear curve over a wide temperature range. This will give us very accurate temperature readings over a wide range. The accuracy will be almost constant over the whole range.

* A Motorola/Freescale MPX4115A absolute air pressure sensor. This sensor is already calibrated at production time. The MPX4115A is not made for out-door use but that is not a problem. The circuit can be in a save and dry location inside the house as the air pressure is exactly the same inside and outside the house.”