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April 6, 2007

5 Strange Japanese Robots

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Floor Cleaning Robot / DVD Projection System

We have all seen strange combination products in the past but I would have never thought I would ever see a robot that will clean your floor then play your favorite DVD movie. If you have $85,000 dollars to spare this robot could be yours.

“Floor-cleaning DVD player
Yoichi Takamoto, president of Japanese robot manufacturer Tmsuk, unveils a new guide and floor-cleaning robot, the RIDC-01, at a press preview in Tokyo yesterday. The robot can recognize human voices and is also equipped with a projector on its head, on which it can display DVD movies or information. It is 1.3m tall and weighs 100kg, and carries a ?10 million (US$85,000) price tag. ”

Via: Japundit


Robot Guard / Fire Fighter

This multi talented robot will roam around keeping the peace, if it sees a fire it can also put it out. By the looks of it when it has done its work for the day you could surf the net using the huge LCD panel that is built into its chest.


Human Rescue Robot

When you are stuck in a burning building, this robot may soon be coming in to get you.

“This bright green robot that you see is not a threat to the human race despite how you might perceive its actions at first glance. No, it ain’t swallowing up a human whole, but it actually uses those arms to identify and pick up any humans who might have passed out in the midst of suffocating fumes during a fire. This is pretty neat, since firefighters no longer need to risk their lives running into thick, black smoke. Hopefully no injury will occur by this toss-happy robot to an already unconscious victim. I suppose you can also use this robot to extract the injured in a battlefield.”

Via: Gadgets.cz, Uberreview and Ubergizmo



Does this wine robot mean the end to high paid sommeliers?

“The so-called robot-sommelier, or “wine-bot”, can “taste” and identify types of wine, and also has the ability to discern and analyse foods. The 2ft-tall (0.6m) robot, developed by NEC System Technologies and Mie University, uses infrared light to identify different tastes. The Associated Press says the robot could become personalised to recommend wines to suit its owner’s palate. The green and white robot was initially developed to taste and identify foods, analysing the different kinds and quantities of ingredients within them. But now its tasting technology has moved into the world of wine, and the robot is capable of distinguishing several different types or blends of grapes.”


Wearable Robot Suit Complete With Side Mounted Gun


Take charge with this walking robot, make sure you are sitting down when you read the price though.

“The Land Walker was made by Masaaki Nagumo, measures 11 feet tall, weighs one ton, and sprays bullets from air guns mounted outside the cockpit. Unfortunately they’re only sponge bullets, but I bet it’ll still hurt like a bitch when you spray your friends with them. We can imagine the doofuses on the show Entourage buying four and riding these around their huge mansion.”

Via: Gizmodo, TechEBlog and BornRich


Bonus Second Robot Suit


How would you like to have 10 times your strength? Well with this new robot suit you now can.

“It depends on his original power, because this robot suit is controlled by the assist ratio,” says Yoshiyuki Sankai of Tsukuba University. “Usually we set it at 50% or 60% or 70%. If he is a very weak person we set the assist ratio at 90%, so at that time you say 10 times.”

Via: TechEBlog