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April 5, 2007

Rapid-Fire Rubber Band LEGO Gun

at 6:18 am. Filed under DIY Hacks, Toy Hacks


This is an interesting LEGO rubber band gun, all it needs now is to be mounted onto the USB Rocket Launcher base and let the fun begin! Link removed at request of creator.

“540 rubberbands per minute! An awesome motorized chaingun! The best rubber-band lego gun after the buddyskate’s mini-gun. This chaingun uses a different shooting style. No wheel needed!”


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7 Responses to “Rapid-Fire Rubber Band LEGO Gun”

  1. Gizmodo Japan(ギズモード・ジャパン) Says:

    1分間で540連発! レゴ製の輪ゴムマシンガン(動画)

      レゴの進化が止まりません。 こちらのレゴマシンガンは、なんと1分間に540…

  2. Clark Hummell Says:

    Say hello to my little friend!! I want one.

  3. Hexypoo Says:

    I need to set a couple of these bad boys up to guard my office. I bet with a little time I could get it set up to be controllable via web interface with a webcam monitoring system. Muahaha

  4. jake Says:

    shit thats awsome i want one.

  5. joebob Says:

    I sit here, un impress by every single “cool” lego creation. except for this guys stun gun. the is effing awesome.

  6. miser Says:

    You might wanna increase the payload so it could utilise the high rubberband per minute capabilities. Good work though, have you tried those hair elastic bands? I think they might hurt more but they might warp the lego, god i miss lego.

  7. NiCe As Says:

    hey hey hey,
    that was fully sik man, i so wont 1 if u can send the instructions via email, or just make 1 4 mi.

    nice as

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