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April 3, 2007

RFID Enabling Your Front Door using a Parallax Microcontroller

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You may remember an RFID project that was featured here last year by The Digital Dawg Pound. Nick has come up with a new and improved RFID Door Entry System.

Video after the jump.

“I decided to try and improve the reliability and responsiveness of my previous RFID front door project (based around a client / server design), by re-implementing it using the Parallax BASIC Stamp 2e, and the 13.5MHz APSX RW-210 RFID reader as a standalone device. I was also looking to gain some practical experience with BASIC Stamp programming.

The design is fairly straight forward, a custom circuit board links the BASIC Stamp to the RFID reader, and is powered by 12v. When a valid card is recognised, it provides 12v output to a door strike, and buzzer for 3 seconds. When an invalid card is recognised, it pulses 12v to a buzzer only for 250 milliseconds 3 times in a row (see below for video demo). It also features a trigger input which when connected to ground will simulate a valid tag bring presented to the reader (this is used to “buzz” open the door from a remote location).”



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6 Responses to “RFID Enabling Your Front Door using a Parallax Microcontroller”

  1. NGinuity Says:

    Those basic stamp modules are handy for just about everything. And robust too!

  2. Hexypoo Says:

    sweet n sexy

  3. net guider Says:

    this RFID project for security purpose is nicely design….but is it only for doors?

  4. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hey Net Guider,

    You could use it for anything. Turn on a light, activate your car, unlock your electronic safe… No end to the possibilities. 🙂

  5. sweeto Says:

    its nice project but not clearly understandable ,will u please guide us.actually m doing a project is advanced access using the RF-id reader,we did for opening of door but still how we can include ,tuning on the comp,on light,and alarmaing when some one want to access through the window

  6. ugonna Says:

    hi , my name is ugonna nwaeze, a student of loughborough university in the uk. i have got a final year project on automatic garage door openers.during research for my project i saw your site. please how can you be of help to me i dont expect your help to be free either please contact me so we can talk thank you so much. the aim of the project is to research the practical and safety requirements and use the information to build one.i reali dont knowhow to go about it my email address is eluaon@lboro.ac.uk

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