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April 1, 2007

Dremel Foot Pedal Mod

at 5:39 am. Filed under DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks

Japala sent in his Dremel Foot Pedal Mod that allows you to control your Dremel power using your foot.

Video after the jump.

“For me personally having two hands free to operate when carving is a definite plus. One hand can be used to hold the object while other hand can handle the tool. So where would one need the third arm?

Dremel’s, Ferm’s, Proxxon’s rotary tools have one thing in common; you need both hands to operate then. Yes, there are some special models that make them almost usable with only one hand but they do not come even close of the usability that this little mod of ours offers. When you have full revolutions running on the tool and you would like to set them lower, you will need to let go of the object you are working on to get the speed setting right. Same goes to turning the tool on and off. When you have a pedal on the floor, that can be used both to turn the tool on and off and also allow one to make stepless speed adjustments, you get a lot more done with better end results. I for one have ruined several pieces that I’ve tried to carve because I didn’t have proper control over the tool. Now it won’t happen again.

If you guessed that the part was from a sewing machine, you were right. Before these modern electronic sewing machines, the motor in them was controlled directly with an adjustable resistor that was located inside the foot pedal. This controlled the amount of voltage that was fed to the motor thus resulting the higher or lower speeds.”