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March 30, 2007

Deep Fryer PC

at 6:16 am. Filed under Computer Hacks, Digg, DIY Hacks, Funny Hacks

So you have a PC toaster but now you need a deep fryer. Have a look at the Deep Fryer PC for some inspiration.

“Got a PC, but forgot to buy a Deep Fryer for that weekend party? Fear not! There is a solution! Just grab that high-end PC, stick it in a bucket, fill said bucket with oil, and play a CPU intensive game for a little while. In no time, your fryer oil will be hot enough to cook you some tasty treats! Great for the time between frags…”

Via: Digg


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23 Responses to “Deep Fryer PC”

  1. NGinuity Says:

    Crazy. I wonder if the person who created this is worried about lead and dust, and all the other hazardous materials on a mother board, in his french fries 🙂

  2. m15k Says:

    Am i the only who think its fake?

  3. m15k Says:

    “ust grab that high-end PC” – Pentium 2 with an MOBO with ISA Slot Oo

  4. Nuno Says:

    I just hope your motherboard is RoHS compliant!

  5. tim_h Says:

    Check out the stove under the foil tray in picture 4 on his website.

  6. Nil Says:

    (sorry for my poor english)

    it’s a fake!
    oil fry at 150-160° celsius!

    don’t use Rapaseed oil to cook food!
    che fa propio schifo!


  7. permo Says:

    Ha ha ha, I saw the cooker as well but must admit it is a rib tickler. At least it brightened up my day. I hope that’s not expensive chips he is frying there lol.

  8. DIY: Deep Fryer PC » gearfuse Says:

    […] MORE: deep fryer, fast food, french fries, golden arches Posted March 30th 2007 Permalink | Email this | Comments (0)2 […]

  9. Carl St-Laurent Says:

    Great project, we already saw a project like this, if you can make a hermetic plexiglass computer case and fill it with vegetable oil… no need for cooling fan and heatsink… and no it will not fry… sorry for the believers!

  10. Elbarfo Says:

    Yeah, I think it’s a fake too. Oil has to get WAY hotter than a CPU ever could before it would start frying anything. I wonder how many people would be dumb enough to try it..

  11. Dan Says:

    fake, but good job making it look real!

  12. mbc Says:

    oil is a great coolant for pc’s. if i ever get around to building a phase change system, i will probably immerse the MB in oil (mineral oil is alot better the veggie oil!) to prevent condensation damage. there’s a lot of great projects out there that use this technique, just google “oil bath computers to find a few”.

    I will agree that this is obviously fake though, to fry potatoes well the oil needs to be about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. a cpu over 100 degrees Fahrenheit is going to have problems!

  13. nOObY Says:

    poor fake cause u can see the heating plate on pic 4 (website)…
    but nice idea 😉

  14. Hexypoo Says:

    this just hurts my brain looking at it

  15. ryan Says:

    i want dinosaur fries with my lolly pop!!!!!!!

  16. Jaymus Says:

    there is no ram on the motherboard??
    cough cough Gay!!!!!

  17. IhateLead Says:

    That better not have lead in it… If so, your loss.

  18. Gungistoker Says:

    Canola Oil’s ‘smoking point’ temperature is the lowest of all oils, 225 F. If the fans are disconnected, the boards, chips, etc. may reach Canola Oil’s ‘smoking point’ temperature. But that’s as far as I’ll go to say it will cook french fries. Very plausible though if given enough time to fry.

  19. deep links Says:

    The trick, if there is such a thing, is variety. Make certain you collect a steady and varied collection of links

  20. HotAire Says:

    Can anybody believer MORON # 1
    What a JERK!
    Wonder if when His Mommy dress’s him she put’s his personal Mask on?

    Hey Guys ~ Thanks for the Heads-Up on the Cooking Oil.

    Gives a New Meaning to “Computer Chips” huh?

    Great job Alan, Digg or Who-EVER……….

  21. Deep Fryer Says:

    It seems like that would melt the plastic on the pc.

  22. Xr0 Says:

    oil or not, that aluminum pan would “fry” that MoBo the second you powered it up…

  23. bluenj86 Says:

    Looks like a fire waiting to happen… and who knows what kind of dust you are eating….

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