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March 29, 2007

Home Made Wood Roller Coaster

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If you have a big enough back yard, you too could build your own wood roller coaster just like Jeremy Reid has done.

Here are some other to have a look at:
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Video after the jump.

“Style: Out and Back
Height: 17 feet
First Drop: 20 feet
Top Speed: 20 mph
Track Length: 444 feet
Max Positive G’s: 3.5
Max Negative G’s: -0.2
Material: Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine
Number of Drops: 4
Lift hill angle: 26.6 degrees
1st Drop: 54 degrees
2nd Drop: 43 degrees
Curve banking: 50 degrees
Duration: About 1 minute
Cart: Single Car, Wood and Steel Construction
Capacity: Single Rider
Chain Lift: 1HP Motor, 3/4″ Pitch Roller Chain/Sprockets

9,500 lbs (4.75 Tons) Lumber
7,000 Screws/Nails
2,900 board feet of lumber
Investment: $5.5k ”

Via: Micsaund



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18 Responses to “Home Made Wood Roller Coaster”

  1. joebob Says:

    that was….awesome….

  2. joebob Says:

    that was….awesome….

  3. Pac Says:

    Dude!! You are a Genius!! How’d you find out all this stuff? Great site! Visit mine at http://freewebs.com/myhalotrialmodz

  4. Chris Rybitski Says:

    I nominate this to be the best article on Hacked Gadgets all year.

  5. Accidental Idiots » DIY Roller Coaster Says:

    […] video and photos of of this thinghere. […]

  6. Clark Hummell Says:

    Not so sure I’d trust this ride… I don’t even trust famous wooden coasters.

  7. Hexypoo Says:

    I second chris on this, This is pretty freaking awesome.

  8. skittleskater Says:

    Ive heard about this.Once the government found out he had to tear it down.( It didnt follow safety regulations)

  9. ryan Says:

    man that would suck, it looked pretty nice, i have to say pac i am too wondering where he gets this stufff i mean come on?!??!!?!?

  10. Wolfy Says:

    The government wouldn’t do that. It’s his private property. If they made him tear down this then
    that guy who built the blue streak a year ago would have to tear down his along with alot of
    other people who are now building home coasters also. If it’s private property it’s yours and
    the government has no say. If it’s public that’s another story.

  11. adam » Blog Archive » home made wooden rollercoaster - Featured on Hacked Gadgets Says:

    […] Featured on Hacked Gadgetshttp://hackedgadgets.com/2007/03/29/h… […]

  12. Byron Says:

    I am thinking of making one with chair coasters… wonder howw it will hold up…

  13. Alan Parekh Says:

    let us know how it turns out. 🙂

  14. justin Says:

    hey my name is justin and me and my friend want to build a rollercoaster and we have some
    questions about building it . can you e mail me some tips or steps please and how much it cost .

    thank you,

  15. Byron Says:

    My rollercoaster costed me 2 grand. I sold my camera and cannot take pics. One tip: there is no such thing as using too much wood or caution, espesially that first ride when the cart becomes airborn!

  16. Jenny Says:

    were do you get this stuff this is great and yall talk about making your own but where the heck do
    you get it??

  17. Byron Shults Says:

    You just custom build all the hard parts and build the rest and have the hardware store sell you all their wood.

  18. spencer Says:

    you have 2 cars or something cause in the second video showing how the car lifts up the hill its yellow not red hhhmmmmm

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