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March 25, 2007

Fire Breathing Jumping Spider Robot

at 11:08 am. Filed under Insane Equipment

This robot doesn’t mow the lawn, it doesn’t shoot you a beer, it doesn’t even solve a Rubik’s cube. But what the Jumping Spider Robot can do is shoot FIRE! This robot is guaranteed to keep any nosy neighbors out of your business. 🙂

Video after the jump.

“The spider project began with the idea of making a machine that could crawl, after several attempts I found the easiest solution was to install an air bag under the mechanism to raise and lower machine during leg movements. Each leg can be operated in dependably and an air bag allows the spider to jump two feet straight up in the air on command. A flamethrower is incorporated into his tail for our fire shows. This is very fun to operate! Women seem to like this project the best, I don’t know why!”

Thanks Lance.