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March 22, 2007

Pedal Powered Roller Coaster in Japan

at 5:19 am. Filed under Funny Hacks, What Were They Thinking

I don’t think you would catch me on this Pedal Powered Roller Coaster. Sounds like work if you have to pedal yourself to the top before the ride starts…

“Here is the future of the green amusement park: The Skycycle at Washuzan Highland Park in Okayama, a pedal-powered roller coaster. They clearly have some dramatic topography to take advantage of here, and it looks truly frightening. Most North American amusement parks are on pretty flat terrain but they often build artificial mountains- Demand a green ride like this on the Magic Mountain.”

Via: Treehugger and Trend Hunter


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9 Responses to “Pedal Powered Roller Coaster in Japan”

  1. www.marcianos.com Says:

    Montaña rusa a pedales

    Una montaña rusa a pedales … solo podía ser un invento japo.

  2. emma Says:

    cool blog!

  3. Hexypoo Says:

    that kinda looks scary actualy.

  4. nick Says:

    it has a loop

  5. bob Says:

    that kinda looks super scary

  6. Abdullah Says:

    nice one!!!

    If you look carefully you’ll see that the bicycle track and the rollercoaster are separate tracks! you can even see a real roller train on one of the photos…

    I guess the bike track is for those who want to frighten themselves while riding!!


  7. The voice in your head Says:

    That’d be cool until you get stuck behind someone moving really slow or stopping to take photos.

  8. Bryan Says:

    I think it would be more fun if the cars were contected by a liink that is light weight but strong enough to keep the the cars together.

  9. Claretta Hysmith Says:

    Gibt es zu diesem Thema noch weitere Vorschläge?

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