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March 19, 2007

Stretched Ferrari Limo

at 5:26 am. Filed under Insane Equipment, What Were They Thinking

Seems like a shame to chop up such a nice car… But I guess the rich and famous must have the best of the best, and how else would you and five of your friends get to ride in a Ferrari at the same time?

Video after the jump.

“To determine the optimum stretch length of the conversion, and to account for a further six passengers whilst retaining minimum deflection of the body structure. The stiffness and overall weight increase of the conversion will determine how the vehicle performs under acceleration, braking and cornering. It is recognized due to the increase in wheelbase the vehicle dynamic cornering ability will be affected.

The existing chassis is an AA6063T6 extruded alloy with an AA6022T6 floor which has undergone a Cataphoresis process to prevent corrosion. The new chassis will replicate the sections of the extruded alloy, but will be made from 12k carbon fibre reinforcement with a high modulus epoxy resin. The laminate is engineered to give maximum stiffness to the existing sections with minimal weight gain. For example longitudinal unidirectional carbon fibres are placed on top of the beam sections to give stiffness through the length of the chassis, so it will not
bend under the extra load of six passengers.”

Via: AutoBlog