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March 17, 2007

PIC 16F73 based Guitar Tuner and Preamp

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This Guitar Tuner and Preamp project built by Rob uses a PIC microcontroller and an old stereo to allow visual tuning of a guitar. LEDs indicate how well tuned each string is.

“I recently had to make a guitar amplifier and thought it would be cool to include a PIC based guitar tuner. I had an AIWA 3-disc stereo lying around with a non-functioning CD player. The tuner and tape deck still worked fine, and it was rated for I think 30 watts/channel.

I started by extricating the entire CD changer mechanism, including the spindle drive and laser unit, and the board with the DAC circuits. It was a simple matter to find where the audio inputs on the main board where that the CD audio signal was fed into. I would use these to feed the guitar signal into the stereo amplifiers (so I can still use the tuner and tape decks normally. When I want the guitar on, I just select “CD” for the input source)

The guitar’s input is buffered by an Analog Devices AD620 instrumentation amplifier. This chip is definitely overkill for this application ( I think each 8 pin DIP retails for $12) but I happened to have a few lying around my bench so what the hell. It has a great CMRR and an external output reference which can be used to virtually eliminate ground loops and hum. ”


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8 Responses to “PIC 16F73 based Guitar Tuner and Preamp”

  1. ejc Says:

    Now why haven’t more guitar amplifier makers put tuners into the amp?

    This seems like a brilliant idea!

  2. NGinuity Says:

    I just wonder why they used so much perf board for so few components 🙂

  3. Kevin Says:

    this is a really cool Idea, I dont even play the guitar But I think this is awesome.

  4. lee Says:

    uhm, Your stereo probably has an ‘aux in’ (auxiliary in) jack which you could have plugged into without ripping out the cd thing.

  5. Hack: PIC controlled visual guitar tuner and preamp » gearfuse Says:

    […] guitar tuner, instrumentation amplifier, pic microcontroller Posted March 17th 2007 Permalink | Email this | Comments(0) […]

  6. Hexypoo Says:

    My little brother is a huge guitar freak, I think I may have to make him once of these for a b-day present or something along those lines.

  7. vinoth.s Says:

    please send me details about pic16f73 , pic 16877a microcontroller

  8. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Vinoth,

    Please go here for chip details

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