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March 11, 2007

Dissection of a Blu-Ray reader Assembly

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Back in November we featured an article where Wicked Lasers took new Blu-Ray players to harvest the laser. It looks like there is now a cheaper option. Leslie Wright used a replacement laser reader assembly as the source of the Blu-ray laser for his Blu-ray laser project.

“I recently purchased a SONY playstation-3, replacement Laser reader assembly, with the sole intent of taking it apart, for the violet Laser diode. The pin-out was determined by eye, at first. I extracted the laser diode, and looked through the end window, with the aid of a microscope, to determine, where the internal wires went. Then tested my conclusions with the multimeter. The case is negative with respect to BOTH laser diodes, and photodiodes (there are two diodes in the same can! hence the wierd pin out).

I have tested and run mine at the rather conservative settings of 4.4v and 40mA, even at these low values, the output is VERY bright. Therefore I havent tried to extract any more power out of it. It works, and it stays cool! The PSU at the moment is a simple 6v battery with a current limiting resistor in series (47 ohm) (I will get round to building a driver at some point!)”

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7 Responses to “Dissection of a Blu-Ray reader Assembly”

  1. Elbarfo Says:

    Hmmm, 40 GBP eh? Very nice indeed. Looks like another gadget to add to the project list. Like I need another….

    Great work!

  2. Chris Rybitski Says:

    Did it say what the soure was for the laser was, or am I just over looking it?

  3. Beatriz Says:

    Hello mate
    Its excellent job this publication I was looking for something like that deseperately
    Any way I’m interesting to make any donation instead of some information necesary to complete my task

    My taks consist the blu-ray drive parts are you showing in this report, but per unit price to finally deduce the blu-ray drive price at the market

    thank you
    hope heard about your news

  4. ryan Says:

    these guys charge way too much for their products. way to turn 40 gbp into 2 grand. sure the rest of the stuff costs money but honestly I can see a huge markup in there.

  5. ryan Says:

    hey im ryan already!!!!!!!!!!111

  6. green laser pointer Says:

    I wanna know the price of this kind of laser pointer.

  7. laser pointers Says:

    Thank you for posting this articles..

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