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March 10, 2007

Erebus Scarecrow – Computer Controlled Intelligent Scarecrow

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These University of South Florida students built this Computer Controlled Intelligent Scarecrow to enter a Microsoft design contest, their entry won second place.
Video after the jump.

“Our idea for this project was to develop an “intelligent scarecrow” called the Erebus Scarecrow. The system is designed to protect ponds at a fish farm from bird predators that can cost farmers thousands of dollars in losses. The Erebus Scarecrow helps the environment by introducing an effective non-lethal method of pest deterrence to protect the birds and to prevent the spread of disease and contamination of the raised fish.

As a requirement for the Windows Challenge, our environment of development was Windows CE 5.0. We were provided an eBox II with Windows CE and tools to develop for it after being accepted as one of the top 200 teams worldwide. I was in charge of everything Windows CE related, from creating the custom operating system image with Platform Builder 5.0 to deploying and debugging our application with Visual Studio 2005. ”



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6 Responses to “Erebus Scarecrow – Computer Controlled Intelligent Scarecrow”

  1. Stephen E. Says:

    The last frame of that video sure is awkward.

    Nice to see the media covering these kinds of projects. I think these guys should try and make the scarecrow from that old Vault commercial next.

  2. Chris Rybitski Says:

    A good ole’ country project.

  3. Chris Rybitski Says:

    I didn’t realize that it was color sensitive so that the farmers don’t get sprayed… fancy.

  4. KJ Says:

    Thats cool, I actually got to USF. Saw this in the local news also.

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  6. Hexypoo Says:

    hmm, for some reason I would have more expected this from a college that was a little more in the boondocks.

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