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March 9, 2007

Shotgun Flashlight

at 4:22 am. Filed under Insane Equipment, What Were They Thinking

Security guards that don’t have guns carry around big long metal flashlights for protection. If they have this flashlight made by ARES Defense Systems they won’t have anything to worry about…

“A grenade-style pin removes the safety, and the flashlight fires a .410 shotgun round out the back when a button is pressed. A Mini-Mag size fires a .380 round”

Via: TechEBlog and The Raw Feed


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99 Responses to “Shotgun Flashlight”

  1. Kable Says:

    From the Aries website:

    Flashlight Firearms:
    We occasionally receive requests for information regarding a product formerly manufactured by Ares Defense Systems. The Companion product has not been produced in 8-9 years. Very few were ever manufactured; all were registered with BATF as “AOW” (Any Other Weapon) per NFA guidelines and all were transfered with ATF approval to possessing Federally licensed dealers a Special Occupational Tax stamp. We do not manufacture, advertise, sell or support this product.

  2. Tom Says:

    Come on rudeboys, you go on about massacres and shootings in Europe which are fortunately few an far between, yet it seems to me that there’s a shooting of a school or college twice daily over in the “good, ole” US of A

  3. tricia Says:

    this was written at 4:22 in the morning. someone was bored!

  4. Robert Says:

    It should be a flesh-cutting laser instead of a shotgun round.

  5. gosman Says:

    gosman rules

  6. Tom Says:

    What a dumb idea. Tons of recoil, its going to be rediculously in-accurate and also, europeans are the best – our main firearm policy is NOT “If everyone has a gun then no-one will shoot them” is “You can’t be shot, if no-one has a gun” its foolproof. Even if someone has one illegally, and go on a killing spree, less people die overall.

  7. Nix Says:

    “If the government didn’t poke it’s nose in our business the place would be better off.”

    If you guys did something about it then y’know…

  8. Top Stumbles - Best of StumbleUpon Says:

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  9. Geoserv Says:


    Cool but scary.

    VOTED for you at:

  10. the voice of reason Says:

    Possession of knowledge does not equal intelligence, the ability to reason and determine how to best use the knowledge you have does.

    Tom, if you look at the statistics for gun crime the vast majority of them are committed using illegally owned weapons. And every time a country has disarmed its citizens bad things have happened. In Europe the holocaust, in Australia crime rates increase dramatically because criminals knew they were less likely to get shot.

    But that is the great gun debate that has and will continue to wage for many years.

  11. Livered Says:

    Hi the voice of reason.
    I am all for the responsible citizenry of any country being allowed to possess guns. But I can’t agree with your argument about countries which disarm their citizens having problems.
    In England and Wales handguns are not allowed and there is a strict licensing regime for rifles and shotguns. Most police have never even picked up a gun, let alone carried one on the street.
    Yet you are more than 26 times more likely to be killed by gunfire in the USA than in England and Wales.
    This is the problem: I would like it to be easier to carry guns in England, but your argument does not help our case at all. It shows what massive carnage CAN happen when guns are allowed. The question is, how do we allow people to carry guns without becoming like the USA?

  12. the voice of reason Says:

    Hi Livered,
    I would have to agree than England has done quite well keeping illegal guns off the streets. They do have a muhc higher rate for stabbings though.
    If you want to look at arguments toward allowing people to carry guns, just look at the statistics for people in the US that are registered for concealed carry. They are a lot less likely than any other citizen to ever be conviced of a crime. The reasoning behind it is that people who go through the trouble of getting a legal concealed carry liscense have more strict background checks in most states, they have a different mentality about guns than “joe average”. There are more citizens with concealed carry liscenses in the US than police in england with them, and there are fewer accidents byt the US citizens than the police (they’ve had some friendly fire accidents lately)

    Problem is with even the police disarmed. If a criminal smuggled in weapons, the police would be helpless. There was an incident a few years ago in America where two gunmen with asault weapons and home made kevlar body armor overing themselves from head to toe robbed a band and shot a bunch of police officers before finally being stopped. Those police had handguns and the bullets weren’t doing any good. Since then more police are being issued assult weapons to keep in their vehicle incase something ever calls for the need.

    Perhaps its just the way I was raised, but the bad guys should never be more well armed than the good guys.

  13. Hannah Says:

    Um… can’t you shoot yourself with that?

  14. Jim White Says:


    Yes you can. If you are stupid. Never point a gun at yourself, or anyone that you are not ready to shoot. Common since will work here.

    Jim White

  15. Bapudi Says:

    Jim, I think Hannah’s point was that if you use it as a flashlight, you pretty much end up pointing the gun part of it at yourself, unless you hold it out from your body at some weird angle.

  16. Bapudi Says:

    Here’s an idea: a combination eggbeater and hand-grenade? Or um… combination telescope and surgical laser. Tennis racket plus rocket launcher? Somebody stop me….

  17. Jim White Says:


    Go to http://www.shurfire.com to see some acceptable holds for tactical flashlights. Some holds look weird, most holds include holding a handgun. Holding a flashlight in front of your body puts you in extra danger. If an assailent is not temporily blinded by your light, he may fire at the light. Hence, some holds are overhand, above and to the side of the body.

    Jim White

  18. Thorep Says:

    *The Baldchemist said “…Its a well known fact that Police, Security guards and military have the lowest intelligence of all proffesions…”*

    I happen to be a soldier. I just wanted to point out you misspelled the word “profession” while vainly attempting to insult my I.Q. at the same time. I don’t need a flashlight with a small, single shotgun round in it. If I want a light, there’s hundreds of different kinds for me to attach to the barrel of my M4. Just so happens an M4 with a flashlight on it is a little better at deterrence than a poorly designed mag/shotgun mix.

    p.s. – Go f*ck yourself.

  19. Jim White Says:


    If you are new to this forum You may not know that Baldchemist is a genuine nut case. He is suffering from the UK delusion that self defense is evil, and that force is never justified. Consider the source.

    Jim White

  20. Thorep Says:

    I am new to this forum. I knew the guy either had an I.Q. of about room temperature and was just spouting opinion as fact, or he was a nutcase. Thank you for narrowing it down for me, I will keep it mind for future reference.

    I did like his oxymoronic attempt at a jab, “I fear for you America.” Yea, because Americans are willing to stand up and defend themselves. What a fearful concept. That concept only helped destroy slavery, fascism, genocide, Nazism, and now it’s working on destroying terrorism. Clearly it’s success rate is low. If it weren’t for that concept he fears so much, he’d probably be dead already.

  21. Livered Says:

    As you say, “Americans are willing to stand up and defend themselves”. This is true. But if more of them stood up and defended themselves with shotgun flashlights there’d be even more Yanks shooting themselves than there are now.

    Don’t forget that the US was one of the last countries in the world to abolish slavery, or that it didn’t even start fighting fascism/Nazism until 1941.

    And genocide? When is the US going to start “fighting genocide”? How many innocent people have been killed by Americans in Iraq, and before that in Vietnam? We don’t know, because as Tommy Franks says, “we don’t do body counts”.

    It also appears that you do not know what “oxymoron” means.

  22. Thorep Says:

    WWII buddy. Hitler was a fan of genocide, what with killing all the jews, gypsies, and other breeds he didn’t like. Were you really not taught that in second grade? Are you in second grade yet? We didn’t start fighting Nazism until WWII because it didn’t happen to exist at all much earlier before that. The Nazi party came into existence in 1919 but didn’t start causing noticeable trouble until much later.

    As to how many innocents have been killed in Iraq – I’ve been there. I handed out water bottles and shoes to little kids. Innocent Iraqi’s dying is a (rare) tragedy that comes with combat – just like innocent American contractors trying to do nothing more than deliver mail have also died. You sound like a sheep who knows nothing except over-hyped media intel.

    And maybe if you re-read what I posted, you’d have noticed I’m not a fan of this flashlight. Learn your history, then learn your facts, *then* start telling people what they do and don’t know – because right now you’re seem more ignorant than my 3 year-old niece.

  23. Livered Says:

    I said Americans didn’t start fighting Nazism until 1941, not that they didn’t start fighting Nazism until WWII. The sad thing is, I believe some Americans are so insular they actually believe WWII started in 1941.

    And asking me if I am “in second grade yet” – assuming that second grade is some kind of school for young children – is not very sophisticated.

  24. Thorep Says:

    Want to talk about sophistication? Learn facts before you talk about them – that’s being sophisticated. When was the last time you were in Iraq risking your life to help a poverty-stricken village? Not recently? So don’t try and tell me about the horrible things going on over there.

    On the subject of insular, you were the one not knowing about how America conflicted with genocide. Hence my logical question of whether you’ve been informed of elementary history facts.

    If you don’t like the U.S., fine. I don’t care, it’s your right to an opinion. But your arguments on this subject are either uninformed or just plain wrong. If you’re suggesting I be more civil in such an argument, well, you’ll have to forgive me. I’m a soldier, and we’re notoriously uncivilized. Especially when it comes to people who know nothing about war trying to tell me about it.

  25. the voice of reason Says:

    Livered, insular is what the US was before WW2. The government didn’t want to get involved yet the population was calling to join the fight because of what little the news reported to them of the attrocities going on. Our presance in Iraq is the opposite of those times. Rather than wait around until we are attacked we simply take a much more active roll in protecting innocents. Perhaps in some way it is guilt left over from all the genocite that happened. However, no matter what the US does there will be people complaining and saying we should eb doing the opposite.

    It sure is easy to critisize from your desk and keyboard though isn’t it? So many people do it and yet have never taken an active roll in what their government does, or even in what their community does, or even what their circle of friends does to improve the world or even the insignificant life of one person down the street who is strugglign to provide a good life for their family.

  26. blackfang Says:

    “Please bear in mind that all nations who have been totally disarmed unequivocally exhibit episodes of genocide, because their citizens cannot fight back.”

    And the genocide in the UK was when, exactly?

    Lord save us from stupid, brainwashed, uneducated yanks 🙁

  27. whiteshu Says:


    You have nothing to fear from us stupid, brainwashed, uneducated yanks. We will be there when you need us, no questions ask, no respect required. Sad.

    Jim White

  28. Zerk Says:

    “Please bear in mind that **all nations who have been totally disarmed** unequivocally exhibit episodes of genocide, because their citizens cannot fight back.”

    The UK has never been totally disarmed. Not even when it was mostly under the authority of the Romans – the natives still maintained a fair amount of control. So, that quote doesn’t apply to the UK, does it? The citizens could always fight back, thus no genocide. Even in their most dire moment in WWII (right before America came to help you out), when the Germans were bombing London, the citizens were still fighting.

    Lord save us from people who can’t comprehend a single damn sentence. Save us from the mindless thralls who obey nothing except what the media tells them to believe about America. You’re really not in any position to call anybody stupid, blackfang. The logic of a single question was too much for you to handle. Normally an average stupid person can still grasp a single sentence. But not you. You’re stupidity actually surpasses average stupidity. Congratulations. At least you’re good at something in life, aren’t you?

  29. blackfang Says:

    You yanks can wriggle and squirm all you want – the whole world knows that you are brainwashed by your media and as thick as two short planks when it comes to world affairs. All this garbage about helping the UK in WWII….we had to PAY for that help and pay royally for it (only finished paying for it last year). And the only time your country helps anyone is when its in your own interest and for your own profit. Fact. Everyone else admits it….you try to claim its purely out of the goodness of you hearts.

    Try and get yourselves at least a little bit of an education…unlike you gun-toting cowboys, guns have been banned in the UK for years (including handguns) and even farmers have to jump through hoops in order to get a license. Once again your ignorance and stupidity shines through.

    Why do you suppose the rest of the world hates you? Try and learn a bit about the rest of the world instead of trying to bomb and control it….it might make a bit of a difference, but I doubt it.

  30. Zerk Says:

    I like how you openly display your ignorance for everybody to read. Like how you’re commenting about media brainwashing, and in the same post you talk about American’s being gun-toting cowboys. That’s just amazing. You should be proud of yourself – you’re the shining example of ignorance across the pacific. None is more of an example than you.

    I also like how you ignored the fact that you couldn’t comprehend a single sentence, but now you’re preaching education. You’re a real pro at arguing you’re point. Do you really think America cares what willfully ignorant troglodytes like you think about us? If you spoke like someone who even once stepped onto a college campus and didn’t die of culture shock, you might get a respected opinion by Americans. Even if what you said about America was insulting – if you said it with any hint of intelligence at all, you’d still probably be considered somehow.

    But you just can’t seem to manage that.

  31. blackfang Says:

    Er, how many shootings were there last year in American schools? How many schools across America have metal detectors to try to stop kids taking knives and guns to school with them? How many schools have to employ security guards?

    And yes, America is beginning to realise that it is important what the rest of the world thinks about you, since the world is your market place and annoying your customers means they just buy someone else’s products. Between 2001 and 2005 your country lost 96 BILLION dollars in tourist revenue (your own state department figures, not mine) because people are hacked off with how blinkered you people are, and the fact that you treat anyone who has the audacity to come into your country as a tourist as if they are a terrorist. Another well documented fact, but doubtless you’ll deny that one too.

    In your blinkered view, anyone who doesn’t like Americans is “uneducated”. Actually most of us outside America would say the exact opposite. The opinion of a bunch of war-mongering, lying, hypocritical, uneducated fools is no interest. But then the way you morons operate, we’d better not disagree with you or you’ll invade – particularly with us having oil.

    And the fact remains that the original point about genocide was stupid, and could only have come from an American. But as usual…America right, everyone else wrong. It was ever thus and that is why your economy is going down the toilet. Permanently. They don’t tell you much about the value of your dollar do they, or the fact that oil and commodities will not be priced in dollars much longer. I know you’re bitter, but sit and contemplate quietly why that might be eh? Or better still do a bit of research – you might learn something.

  32. Livered Says:

    I honestly didn’t start contributing to this thread with the intention of having a go at Americans. But that was funny! It would be ignorance across the Atlantic, wouldn’t it?

    As far as college campus culture shocks go, as someone who has been to university (and to what you call “high school”) in both the States and in the UK, I can say that the standard of education in the US was the most pisspoor rubbish I have ever seen in my life. I was expected to sit in an American classroom being taught things the British all know by the time they are ten (such as which ocean is which).

  33. Golbione of del ceriale! Says:


  34. Latex Santa Says:

    Dear “Zerk”, there chance of dying of culture shock in an American college is ZERO. “Uncultured shock” might happen, however…

    As for ignorance across the Pacific, I have BEEN to America and what I saw there was that most of the guys I met in my year (11,so 15-16yr olds) coouldn’t point out the Pacific on a map of the world…

  35. Andy (UK) Says:

    As a point of note, making a broad statement (especially an insulting one) without supporting evidence will generally hinder any argument you attempt to make Baldchemist.

    Personally I believe that allowing citizens access to firearms is likely to result in a greater loss of human life and that stolen or misused firearms present a greater danger than any delay caused by police response. (Opinion) however… lets not get into that, as we have already involked Godwins Law.

    * This firearm does not appear to be useful as a deterent against attack due to its concealed nature. A security guards duty should (in theory) be to apprehend or identify criminals so that they can be legally presecuted.
    * The possition of the fireing mechanism means that the light would generally be shining towards the user (causing a loss of night vision) and away from the target (leaving the user unable to clearly identify the target). This both limits situational awareness and decreases the users accuracy. Which may result in fatal misunderstandings in a tense situation.
    * This firearm is primarily designed to inflict significant and fatal wounds on a target(although the use of taser shells does seem like a possibility).
    * If you can legally carry a firearm in your nation/state then safer, more reliable weapons are likely at your disposal.
    * Once discharged the user is defenceless
    * recoil compensation is unknown, however from casual inspection it would seem that the user may injure themselves if attempting to fire the weapon due to the weapons poor gripping possitions.

    Therefore, this is a very dangerous weapon for the user, which can limit their ability to carry out their duties. If it is claimed that this is a weapon designed for self-defence, for what legal reason would somebody require such a firearm, rather than say a more proven and reliable 9mm pistol or a derringer?

    * Logically the firearm mechanism leaves less space for batteries, therefore the torch will have a shorter battery life or more expensive batteries than a normal flashlight of the equivalent size. Therefore it is less useful as a torch.
    * The safety pin is not clearly labled as such and could very easily be removed by accident, making it an extreme hazard to legitimate users or friends and family members.
    * It is unclear from the above images, however the implication is that the on/off switch of the torch controls the firing mechanism once the safety pin is removed.

    Therefore this is very dangerous and ineffective as a novelty torch especially if it falls into the hands of an untrained user who may (reasonably) mistake it for a torch.

    I believe that there are two rational uses for such a weapon.
    * Display as a novelty firearm (as has been mentioned it is essentially an interesting bond gadget)
    * As a murder weapon that can be easily concealed from the authorities.

    Although the use as a novelty display item (kept properly secured) is entirely appropriate, the risk of it being used as a tool of pre-meditated murder (such as assasination) or accidental misfiring may be argued to significantly outweigh the potential benefits of novelty.

    There… Hopefully that stands up as a rational argument, although I’m a little tired.


  36. cryonics Says:

    This is SO COOL! I want one. As a matter of fact, I am just in the process of putting together a quad-shotgun. I have a shitload of shotgun-cartridges, and heaps of steel-pipe. Only thing left to figure out is a suitable trigger. I can’t wait to pay a visit to a few punks who owe me lots of money… cabooomm!

  37. cryonics Says:

    Hey Andy, #85,
    Have you considered publishing a book on the subject?
    You must really love hearing yourself raving on, blah, blah, blahhhhhhhhh, hey?

  38. The Baldchemist Says:

    “Making a broad statement”???? Just look at the replies1 From our intelligent military man” Go f..k your self” Lack of a compelling argument and its straight into violence and abuse.
    Tell the folks why you chose the military.Why does anyone chose to have a uniform?
    What is the fascination with guns and ME??? No creative bones in your body.
    Contribute to the World with something creative. Something your kids can be proud of.
    Start saving your money. Instead of buying guns; fill your car up with gas. @cause soon you aint goning to have any.
    Thats enough from me. By the way the mug who suggested he would like to take my head off is very welcome to try.
    Just make sure you know who and what you are dealing with. Not like Vietnam, Afganistan, Irak et al.
    Other than that most Yanks are an alright folk.

  39. CavalierX Says:

    I have to wonder why so many on the Left seem to want Middle Easterners to live under brutal dictatorships when they themselves are free — and kept so by those very same military servicemen whom they villify (using, ironically, the freedom of speech protected by those people to do it.) Like little children who scream at their parents “You’re so mean, I hate you!” and then slam the door of the bedrooms those hated parents provide for them while asking so little in return.

  40. GP Says:

    Interesting that this is made in the same town as Virginia Tech huh?

  41. Scorpion Says:

    I find it hysterical that people believe that this was designed, built, and manufactured for the “security guard industry”, and that these were sold to mall security staff.


    The three alphabets of your choosing can order anything that would be a productive tool in the “field”.

    I wonder if my timex has a built in garrote?


  42. Robitj Says:

    Flashlight Firearms:
    We occasionally receive requests for information regarding a product formerly manufactured by Ares Defense Systems. The Companion product has not been produced in 8-9 years. Very few were ever manufactured; all were registered with BATF as “AOW” (Any Other Weapon) per NFA guidelines and all were transferred with ATF approval to Federally licensed dealers possessing a Special Occupational Tax stamp. We do not manufacture, advertise, sell or support this product.

    This is from the web site of Ares Defense Systems.

  43. andy Says:

    i no wat i want 4 my b day lol

  44. Lonewolf Says:

    Go to globalresearch.ca and search an article called “ignorance in america”. Funny to read.

  45. Big Bull Says:

    Nil, you give europeans a bad name. However, I’m guessing most are a little brighter than you. You DO realize that we bombed Hiroshima & Nagasaki AFTER we were bombed & AFTER we tried to convince Japan to surrender? Tardo. Guess your education system is about as inept as ours.

    As far as the gun goes…I’ll take two! Where do I sign?

  46. Allen Says:

    So… this is about the most moronic “defense” device I’ve ever seen. If the barrel was in the light emitting end, I’d definitely want one though. Just seems kind of counterproductive to shine a light behind or on yourself while you’re trying to shoot someone. I’ll just stick with my .38 snubbie and a regular flashlight.

  47. A Non-mouse Says:

    This goes beyond ridiculous. The only redeeming quality this ill-conceived mockery has is that it’ll most likely maim anyone foolish enough to carry one.

  48. DAVE STANLEY Says:

    Pardon the double post. I sense deception from post # 51. These two products have gone through a redesign since the socalled moratorium on building them. I’m thinking the first customer from the original order wanted more for the new activities they are/were assigned to.

  49. Abdul Wahid Says:

    I like the light!

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