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March 7, 2007

WIFIBOT – Wifi Robot

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There are a few versions of this cool robot, check out WIFIBOT for lots of design details.
Video and more pictures after the jump

“The purpose of WIFIBOT is to develop and make low cost robotic systems for an increasing number of applications using off the shelf technologies like the WiFi, which is the common denominator of all our products. WIFIBOT was born to fulfill the need there was in the market for affordable and technically intermediate mobile robots. The existing option would either fall into the category of toys either into the category of expensive advanced robots intended for research. The WIFIBOT products come in the middle of the two and face little competition in this category. The final goal of WIFIBOT is to take out robotics from the labs by proposing products presenting intermediate capabilities and features while remaining functional and affordable to a large public.”



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20 Responses to “WIFIBOT – Wifi Robot”

  1. Sammy B Says:

    hey this is interesting!! is the a guide that is more in detail on how to make one

  2. Alan Parekh Says:

    As far as I know there are no details to make your own. Lots of system specifications, but no DIY construction instructions as far as I can see.


  3. Adam freeman Says:

    Yeah that is awesome. Very well designed, it looks like it should work well in off-road type terrains. I want to build one !

  4. Sammy B Says:

    well u can buy one I found out but I have a pda and a laptop with wifi so itll be cool. the pda one is sick hopefully i can do that. I hope its not that expensive!

  5. seesoe Says:

    i have really always long life dream is to get this wifi bot built

    but my problem with this that its much much more advanced then the wifibots on this article.

    my plan was to use the basic setup of that link and put it all into a power wheels jeep that i would bondo body work

    but ya in a few years i might get into a wifi bot i really hope:)

  6. Alan the Great Says:

    Wow, I definitely want one of those….. looks like it wouldn’t be too hard to make with a CUBLOC and some wifi bits.

  7. JP Says:

    I really like how well designed this robot is. It was packaged very attractively too.

  8. Hexypoo Says:

    This is so hot. I want one omg.

  9. Lol, silly people Says:

    If you want one, check the price.

  10. Chinmay narvekar Says:

    Dear Sir

    i would like to know the details of the wifibot what parts arer required r to make it and how much would it cost and also the details how to build it

    please let me know as soon as possible


  11. Number5 Says:

    Take a look at spykee.org – quite soon you’re going to be able to buy a “wifibot” from toy stores, ready to construct for yourself out of Meccano!

  12. adrian Says:

    this is awesome. could you pls tell me where can i buy the cheapest wifi
    robot kit that i can start on?

  13. LouisRobotMania Says:

    AweSome!!its really a good shring.
    BTW, Alan, how can i got those robot kits for the wifibot above?
    Advice raelly neeeded…

  14. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Louis,

    Go here for additional information (link in the article)

  15. LouisRobotMania Says:

    You R d MAN Alan…Thanks for the briliant info.

  16. WAQAS Says:

    Anybody who wants to buy within North America can go to our website and send us an e-mail


  17. decloedt Willem Says:

    I am making a robot from a eletrical wheelchair. I want to drive with the wheelchair wireless. I know how to do that. But I want to change the speed of the wheelchair with PWM. But the wheelchair got big electrical engines. So i need to make a H-bridge for power. But i need some help with it.

    Could you send me some information of your robot? And how you made it?

  18. jovane Says:

    I’m Brazilian and I had dificults to write english. Could you tell me how to make a wifirobot.
    Here I had had some problens to comand a rc car from PC, becouse I don’t know somebody that can help.
    Thanks a lot

  19. joey babcock Says:

    Wasquas what’s your website

  20. Romarie Says:

    Hello, may i ask. what model and brand of router did u used for wifi robot?

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