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February 28, 2007

Dish Maker

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The Dish Maker looks like an interesting product but I think the “recycling” process might be understated. There are issues he needs to address. I hope he made a platter or mixing bowl function. What about strange shaped dishes or pitchers? Will this machine make measuring cups as well? I know my utensils take up every inch my plates cups and bowls do. I am assuming that the dirty dishes will need to be washed before being placed back into the machine. That being the case, a dishwasher of some sort will still be needed. Sorry ladies and gentlemen, I guess you will need to keep your appliances in working order until the Dish Maker gets a cleaning function. Until then, these folks will help you keep your dishwasher functioning properly.

Video after the jump.

“Hate dishes? the DishMaker is a new kind of appliance that can replace dishes altogether by making cups, bowls and plates on demand and recycling them when you’re done. the device uses up the same room and energy as a dishwasher, while it replaces all the cabinets and dishes in your kitchen. the DishMaker takes advantage of a little-known shape-memory property of acrylic so that one dish can be recycled a thousand times without consuming the energy that does into a single-use ceramic dish.”