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February 25, 2007

Graffiti Research Lab’s L.A.S.E.R. Tag

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Have a look at this laser light show! Guaranteed to get some attention…

Video after the jump.

“The main event of the GRL Rotterdam tour – ‘L.A.S.E.R TAG’ – 60mw geek graffiti madness.
Watch the video here on the Graffiti Research Lab website.

In the spirt of GRL’s and Eyebeam’s open source beliefs, we are posting the code and executable for the Laser Tag application online for you to download, dissect, reuse and hopefully improve. The code is C++ and compiled in a super old school Codewarrior IDE for windows but it is oepnGL based and written using openFrameworks which is a cross platform library for writing creative code. So it should be very straight forward to run in Visual Studio, DevC++ or even xcode on a mac.

In its simplest form the Laser Tag system is a camera and laptop setup, tracking a green laser point across the face of a building and generating graphics based on the laser’s position which then get projected back onto the building with a high power projector.

There are a bunch of things you need to do to get Laser Tag up and running yourself, so here follows the required equipment and setup instructions. This will assume that you using windows but it will also apply for other OSs too.


We used:

1 PC Laptop – ASUS A8JS – Core 2 Duo 1.83 Ghz 1GB Ram Nvideo Geforce Go 7300 256MB – VGA and DVI out.
1 Pansonic PTD5600U 5000 ANSI Lumens 1024×768 DLP Projector.
1 Watec 221S Security/Astrononmy Camera with manual iris zoom lens.
1 Bogen magic arm and super clamp.
1 Pinnacle PCTV USB capture card.
1 60mW Green Laser (super illegal in a lot of places and very dangerous)
and loads and loads of AAA batteries.”

Via: Engadget