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February 24, 2007

Different Colored Flamed Candles

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Who says candle flames need to be yellow. The candles from More Than Light put a fun spin on an everyday item.

“The More than lights online store offers clear paraffin oil as well as a variety of colored oils designed for burning in clear (glass) containers, enhancing the natural beauty of the oil lamp and adding additional color to the lamp and room.

Our colored oils are available in four colors (red, green, blue, yellow) and are packed in a special container designed to enable an easy refill while the lamp is still burning
colored oils add a unique designer touch to every occasion and as simple as they are, usually leaves guests, friends and family breath taken. ”

Via: Coolest Gadgets


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9 Responses to “Different Colored Flamed Candles”

  1. Mr. Meval Says:

    Um I wonder what chemicals they use for that. I’m not partial to barium or strontium.

  2. Berni Says:

    for coloring flames mostly salts are used. I think kitchen salt make s redish orange color to a flame. Then for green i think coppers salts do that.

  3. Mitten Says:

    I’m pretty sure they use potassium salts for purpleish flames. Dunno if i they would dissolve or whatever into oil though.

  4. Donald Says:


    Talks about different chlorides to create different flame colors

  5. Joao Says:

    anyone know if mixing the oil with parafin it gives a candle with the color of the oil?

  6. The AV Club Blog » Blog Archive » Colored Flames On Candles Says:

    […] If you have any tiki torches or oil lamps in your home, consider buying the oil or lamps from More Than Light. Using different chemicals in the oil they are able to make the actual flame different colors, which makes them rad. I have seen a lot of time and effort put into making fire look like this in post production, so you bet your ass these will find their way into a Hollywood production at some point. Via Hackedgadgets. reddit_url = ‘http://blog.theavclub.tv/post/colored-flames-on-candles’;Bookmark to: […]

  7. dude Says:

    thats pretty bad ass
    i want some of those
    where can i get some???

  8. Alan Parekh Says:

    Get them here http://www.more-than-light.com/index.asp

  9. concerned Says:

    the chemicals that color the flame, are they toxic?

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