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February 23, 2007

Monkey controls Robot Arm with Brain Power

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Someone needs to make a diy version of this. I would totally drive my car using brain power. Or at least send it to this guy to add to his car.

“A monkey has a microchip in its brain which allows it to move a robotic arm as if it were its real arm.”


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3 Responses to “Monkey controls Robot Arm with Brain Power”

  1. Nick Chernyy Says:

    For those more interested in this kind of work, John Donoghue has been one of the leaders in this research starting with the implantation of a 10×10 etched silicon array (sometimes known as the Utah array) into the primary motor cortex of monkeys and then several humans. The most popular of his patients if Matthew Nagle so there are a few articles on his success that can be searched for. An earlier wired news article is here:


  2. sohnvomgastwirt Says:


    Aha! Wir sind also schon soweit. Irgendwie cool und abartig zugleich.
    A monkey has a microchip in its brain which allows it to move a robotic arm as if it were its real arm.

    [Via: Hacked Gadgets]

  3. rizwan Says:

    this is great technology can be used on humans i think who have no arms or leg for example amputation they can hav an artifcial arm or leg obvoulsy that technolgy is out but not very accurate this might be the key looks very accurate

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