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February 19, 2007

3style Mouse

at 11:29 am. Filed under Computer Hacks

This 3style Mouse is one cool looking mouse. Some creations seem to stagnate in one form, I think this is what has happened to the typical mouse. It is nice to see some new ideas being brought forward in the pointing technology arena.

Video after the jump.

“The 3style Mouse works on the desktop or a mouse pad just like a normal mouse, except that you can spin it and use it an any angle.

The small white arrow shaped button is the orientate button. Pressing this button while the arrow points forwards on your desktop sets that as the ‘up’ direction for pointer movement on screen no matter how the mouse is rotated. This only needs to be done once for any particular desk or working environment.

The mouse can be rotated with one finger like a video or audio ‘jog wheel’ or you can ‘flick’ it and it will spin freely. You can continuously rotate the mouse this way, unlike with a scroll wheel. Rotating the mouse needs only a very light touch.

Because the mouse can be used at any angle you can also use the buttons at any angle. There is one ‘push’ button which can be operated from any part of the top of the mouse, and a series of ‘squeeze’ buttons which also work from any angle to give a ‘right click’.”

Thanks Laurence C.