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February 15, 2007

Turn a Scanner into a Printed Circuit Board UV Lamp

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If you are wanting to make circuit boards using the UV exposure method you may want to recycle an old scanner into your UV light source.

“I opted for 3 tubes (around 8 Euro each), with ballasts and starters (6/7 Euro for each set). The switch, fuse holder and mains socket I scavenged from somewhere.
For the bottom plane I used a tin sheet. This acts as a sort of mirror/diffuser for UVs.
I used also some scrap aluminum bars from kitchen furnitures, their colour in the pictures tell it. Spacers and screws as required.

Now, the pictures show the electric diagram and the interior of the UV bed.
The circuit is based on three TL5 8W wood light tubes. Each tube is powered by its own ballast and starter . The number of tubes can be increased at will. The circuit is provided with a safety fuse and a power switch. A power socket (taken from a PC power supply) complements the circuit.”

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