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February 13, 2007

CoilOSapien – Robosapien Coil Gun

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This is an intro video of the CoilOSapien, Marcus will provide some build details in the near future!
Video after the jump.


The coilgun is controlled using the V2’s remote and is able to fire 8 shots with it’s electronic reload.
The charging time varies but is around the 5-10sec mark between shots, a red indicator light shows when the unit is charged and ready to fire, a laser sight aids in aiming.

A tutorial for the CoilOsapien hack will be found on my website this will discuss the theory and construction details of the coilgun modification.

Once again DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS HACK. Unless you are comfortable and familiar with potentially lethal voltages, eye damaging laser diodes and fast moving projectiles!!! ”

Thanks Robert



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6 Responses to “CoilOSapien – Robosapien Coil Gun”

  1. Berni Says:

    How many kinetic joules dose that coilgun have?

  2. Marcus Says:

    Not sure how to work that out, It uses 4x 330v 230uf caps.

  3. Berni Says:

    well the capacitators store about 40 Joules then.Kietic output is projectile speed sqared multiplyed by mass W = v2 * m. I estimate it at about half a Joule kinetic output.Wich is not all that bad for such a small coilgun.

    I know this stuff cause i alredy made a coilgun one small and one big .Big one had about 13 Joules of kinetic output(goes esaly trough sheet metal). I should once make a multistage version for grater output

  4. CoilOSapien - Robosapien Coil Gun | zedomax.com - blog about DIYs and Review on reviews of gadgets and technologies... Says:

    […] via blogging, Circuits, coil gun, Consumer, Cool, cool stuff, couple days, diys, educational, Entertainment, gadgets, Hack, hibernating, robosapien, Robots, try this at home, Video, youtube […]

  5. Anothercoilgun Says:

    Not bad! Now go forth and multiply my children.

  6. GM-Search.com Blog » Blog Archive » Making of CoilOsapien - Robosapien Coil Gun Says:

    […] Remember the video we featured last week? Well the CoilOsapien (Robosapien Coil Gun) is done, look here for all of the details. […]

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