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February 12, 2007

Miniature Helicopter Packs Bug-Like Brain

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Looks like less is more when trying to master flight. This small helicopter is using a brain that is based on the brain of an insect!

“As tiny as insect brains are, they can still perform extraordinary acrobatics in the air that human flying machines have yet to match. Now scientists reveal a miniature helicopter, with an electronic brain inspired by insects, that could help lead to better takeoffs, flights and landings for robotic aircraft.

Insects and other animals capable of powered, flapping flight are somehow able to execute controlled takeoffs and landings and keep flying at proper altitudes despite their lack of the sophisticated instruments available to human aviators.

“It’s extraordinary to see flies navigate with just their small 10-milligram brains,” said researcher Nicolas Franceschini, a neurophysiologist and engineer at France‚Äôs National Center for Scientific Research and at the University of the Mediterranean in France. ”

Via: The Raw Feed and Gear Live


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2 Responses to “Miniature Helicopter Packs Bug-Like Brain”

  1. Simon Jardine Says:

    Not bad, but for me i like the Mosquito Helicopter, I have modified it quite a bit, awesome!


  2. Stygian Says:

    I can’t help but wonder if this device would have the same fatal flaw of the flying insect brain that results in insects losing the ability to distinguish relative speed and altitude while flying over bodies of water? The result is that they gradually descend INTO the water.

    Perhaps a forward facing camera whose sole purpose is to identify the horizon?

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