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February 4, 2007

Kuka Juke Bot, the Robotic DJ

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Want to be a DJ? You can go hands on with a modified Wiimote called the WiiJ. But when you get serious the Kuka industrial robotic DJ is the only way to go!

Videos and more pictures after the jump.

“The Juke Bot is a pair of Kuka industrial robots; each is surrounded by a set of platters (you know, vinyl LPs). The two bots act independently, deftly grasping an LP, and then bringing it to a platform with a phonograph needle. Delicately, the robot presses the LP against the needle and begins to rotate it forward and backward, creating a unique performance sound.”

Via: Robot Gossip and Technovelgy

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31 Responses to “Kuka Juke Bot, the Robotic DJ”

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    […] Huge crazy robot DJs making all sorts of noise, and could easily kill you if they wished. […]

  7. | friskyGeek Says:

    […] Industrial Robots moonlighting as DJs. Watch the videos they are pretty cool! [Thnx Nick] […]

  8. Barrett Says:

    seen one made from a 5 gallon paint bucket that works great with a smoke bomb

  9. TikiRobot!, Mai Tais and Blinky Lights, Ahoy! » DJ Jukebot Says:

    […] I love this! Do you think we could fit a couple in the rAnCH?? […]

  10. Oto! No! Oto! Says:

    […] Read full article here: Hacked Gadget – Kuka Juke Bot, the Robotic DJ […]

  11. NordFreak Says:

    The Sound is stupid… because the idea is great !

  12. Alan Parekh Says:

    Never knew about this site until I saw some links from it…

    Looks like a German version of Rocketboom… Now if I only understood German. 🙂

  13. flaka Says:

    i don’t like it, cause i’m dj and i don’t want to become unemployed… hehe… no, sure it’s a great idea 😉

  14. Dahbie Says:

    they’re art-core. reminds me of barney in the b-sharps episode of the simpsons.

    “number 8….*burp*…number 8…*burp*”

    i like the idea either way. bad news for the music industry though.

  15. Kuka Juke Bot:机器人DJ at E-space Says:

    […] 一般来讲我们使用机器便是为了替代人力,使用机器人更是为了高强度,危险或者是人类无法接受的环境和条件下去作业。但工作外,人类除了休息,更需要的便是娱乐。所以难免会同样把机器人应用到娱乐中,如Sony的“电子狗”,智能的电子宠物等等。但我们只能联想到这些小的,可爱的东西,但如下面图中的机械臂这种庞然大物,无论如何也不能和音乐DJ联系到一起的。但却成功的做实现了,真是让人惊叹!! via,来源处有更多图片和两个YouTube视频,机器人DJ的音乐效果还是蛮不错的。 var tabPane1 = new WebFXTabPane( document.getElementById( “tab-pane-1” ) ); […]

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  17. burned.de » Blog Archive » Per Hand Scratchen war gestern Says:

    […] Kuka stellt Industrieroboter her, Hackedgadgets.com zeigt, was man mit diesen Robotern auch Mucke machen kann: Kuka Juke Bot, the Robotic DJ sind zwei Roboter, die Platten auflegen und sich im Scratchen versuchen. […]

  18. .KUKA JUKE BOT. « Says:

    […] LINK: http://hackedgadgets.com […]

  19. GramBorder Says:


    I want to all of you know, World is mine, and yoursite good


  20. Die Zukunft des Bloggens? « The Eye of the Pupil Says:

    […] Es gab da auch vor einiger Zeit den Versuch humanoide <a href=”http://hackedgadgets.com/2007/02/04/kuka-juke-bot-the-robotic-dj/”>DJs durch Roboter zu ersetzen.</a> Das sah zwar auch alles recht lustig aus – aber klingen tats trotzdem scheisse… […]

  21. Die Zukunft des Bloggens? « The Eye of the Pupil Says:

    […] Es gab da auch vor einiger Zeit den Versuch humanoide DJs durch Roboter zu ersetzen. Das sah zwar auch alles recht lustig aus – aber klingen tats trotzdem scheisse… […]

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  26. 电器 Says:



    […] Enjoy here […]

  28. Aerocribe Says:

    mm.. funny ))

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