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February 3, 2007

Scanner Lamp

at 11:51 am. Filed under Computer Hacks, DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks

Transform your old scanner that is just collecting dust in the closet into a cool tech lamp.

“This instructable shows you how to make a desk lamp out of scrounged scanner parts and a few extras from Home Depot. I have set up a small solar array, controller and a storage battery. I wanted to make some low power lighting that I can use in my office that would not consume a lot of power. I had a bunch of scanner parts lying around and decided to put them to good use.”

Thanks Joe P.


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2 Responses to “Scanner Lamp”

  1. DIY - Desk Lamp using your old scanner (or broken scanner) | zedomax.com - blog about DIYs and Review on reviews of gadgets and technologies... Says:

    […] via Consumer, DoItYourself!, educational, Entertainment, gadgets, projects […]

  2. The AV Club Blog » Blog Archive » A Scanner Brightly Says:

    […] File this under “A” for “awesome”: an instructible on hacking the lighting element from a scanner into a desk lamp. According to the comments on this project the bulb itself is a small, bright fluorescent, so I would assume it would last for quite some time. I think that it is possible to do the stand and cord with… how to put it politely… more flair, but the overall idea is nerdy/cool. Who wants me to make them one? [It’s $800 for me to make you one, and possibly not well worth it] Via Hacked Gadgets. reddit_url = ‘http://blog.theavclub.tv/?p=1190’;Bookmark to: […]

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