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February 2, 2007

How is the fake candle power trick done?

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Ok, I am not going to insult anyones intelligence here and claim that this video could be true. I am curious how it is done though. My theory is that during one of the early cut scenes the nails that are inserted into the candles are connected to power from under the table. Or longer nails are inserted and there are hooked up to power from the back of the candle and simply draped over the back edge of the table (not visible by the camera). The power is then controlled by a switch that is located under the table.

It seems that his hands go under the table whenever power is applied or removed. I guess it could also be controlled by someone who is off camera. I was thinking that the jumper cables were simply connected to power from the right and left where the camera can’t see but the jumper cables are placed on the table at the end and are still providing power…

The embedded video has been updated since it looks like the old one does not work anymore.

Video after the jump.

Via: TechEBlog