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January 27, 2007

Top 5 Coil Guns

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Here is a list of 5 cool coil guns, either one would be fun to try out. Remember that coil guns can be dangerous, if you build one and shoot out your eye don’t say you weren’t warned.

5. The Mk II Coil RIfle

This is the second gun that Nicholas Howard has built.

“This is my second coil rifle, it has a firing energy of about 5 joules and it charges in about 10 seconds. the power source is the 12V 3.5AH SLA batery. This supplies the power to the 12v-240v inverter that provides the 240v requiered by the rectifacation circut. The 400v output from this circut is used to charge the two 400v 2200uF capacitors used to supply the energy to the work coil. it is capable of shooting through multiple soda cans.”

4. 18 Shot Repeat Coilgun

This one packs the punch of an automatic.

“Here it concerns a three speed CG in each case with three Philips condensers 450V/3700µ.
a small lead gel Akku sits above, beside it the potential transformer. the entire part is built from aluminium profiles from the building market, in the center from brass a repeating pin, which always carries senkrechten from the magazine on notice the projectile into the best position. Projectiles are standard mechanical engineering pin 5x38mm…

Unfortunately the Timing is not optimal over into PP more spacer used light barriers, part would be far better with only one coil!!!! ”

3. EM-15 coil gun

The EM-15 is a gun that the military could get lots of use from if it ever goes into production.

“The EM-15 coil gun is a handheld, battery powered (12 VDC) rifle that is capable of launching a .30 caliber metallic projectile at adjustable velocities. The electronic circuit consists of a voltage step-up transformer converter, a Cockcroft-Walton voltage multiplier cascade, a capacitor energy storage bank, a voltage comparator to set the charge voltage on the capacitor bank, an SCR switching section and a single accelerator coil. Other components of the gun are the barrel, breech loading mechanism, battery supply, capacitor bank, control panel, display, projectile, pistol grip with trigger assembly and an aluminum stock that contains all of the components.”


2. Electromagnetic Pistol: CS-P01A

Check out CoilGun Systems for a very detailed write up of the CS-Po1A.

“In this design I decided to use separate holes in the accelerator for the optical gate beam. The reason being that to machine the slot up to this point (thereby allowing beam feedthrough) would only leave a small web between each slot which could result in unacceptable accelerator deformation.

The specifications require a muzzle energy of 4.0J which equates to a muzzle speed of about 25m/s using a solid test projectile. The dimensions of the energy source are limited by the general dimensions of the gun.”

1. ACG 85P 2 Stage Configurable Semi-Automatic Pistol

We have featured some of the work from Another Coilgun Site before. As usual they keep getting better and better! Have a look at the ACG 85P 2 Stage Configurable Semi-Automatic Pistol.

“First portable semi-automatic coilgun pistol finaly complete. This long overdue project started out 6 months ago. Initial the pistol was designed for a lower bank and energy shot level just to demonstrate 5 shots per second at 2 joules. As time passed and parts perished, the orginal designed transformed into a higher shot level and lower rate of fire. The next design will more than compensate for it all.”


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96 Responses to “Top 5 Coil Guns”

  1. dingo27 Says:

    Yeah, that is true, but also you must remember on price 🙂
    But it is creative idea to be done

  2. King Says:

    It would have a kick…. for every reaction there is a equal an opposite reaction, the bullet doesn’t want to move because of inertia, once its moving it doesn’t want to stop for the same reason. Any force used to push anything in any direction will have a certain amount of push back, and the hammer (there is no hammer anyway its a firing pin) in a conventional gun contributes nothing to the recoil. Plus as long as your m-16 isn’t on 3 round burst and you have the proper grip on it, you will barely notice the kick, let alone allow it to throw you off target. At 300 yards the hardest part of hitting your target is seeing it, not if the kick will throw you off

  3. dingo27 Says:

    i think nobody will shot CG on 300 yards in hand 😀
    so if it will be mounted on something, it should have electronical aim, or precise optical aim

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  6. alex jones Says:

    What in the world is coil gun and what kinds of rounds are fired from them? How’re they made? how accurate are they?

  7. dingo27 Says:

    try wikipedia,, smile

  8. napalmstrike2008 Says:

    Today, this system can not compete with firearms, because their firerate and punching power is much more higher than coilguns. But, if they find a solition for the batteries then coilguns will be 10 times better then firearms, because they dont kick back, their projectiles can travel faster and more accurate than firearms and they wont make too much sound.
    But, they can still use coinguns today. OK, you cant carry a power generator in your backpack, so you cant use them as a handheld weapon, but they can mount coilguns on tanks, and make them EXTREMELY powerful. For example, theese guns can fire tank shells 10 times faster if we give them enough power. And also you can shorten the barrel, if you increase the voltage. Imagine a tank that has a 0.5 m long barrel it will be easy to hide it.

    And I have a suggestion: you should put a switch on the coilguns that adjusts its bullets speed. Like a firemode selection switch. S- safe H-High speed L-Low speed. So, when we want to shoot in long range we set it to H, it will shoot faster bullets with a lower firing rate, and when we get into a building (CQB) we set it on L so the weapons firerate will be faster and bullets will move slower. This can also be used like a switch for lethal-non lethal. if there are only enemies switch to H, all of them will die, if there are civilians-hostages switch to L so you wont kill the hostages accidentally.

  9. Lucas Jeorgensen Says:

    can anybody please tell me how to make one of these ? 🙂

  10. Dom Says:

    I’m impressed, but at the same time a little frightened. It’s yet another weapon to be fired in the dark with no warning. Great!?

    Either way, I want one!
    – Dom

  11. noflashbang Says:

    Too all those people asking why the military is not using these:

    Let’s run a little experiment, shall we? You will need:

    Your most powerful coil gun
    A .22LR rifle
    A piece of 1/4inch plywood

    Set the plywood away from you at a distance of 100 yards (300 feet). Shoot the coil gun at the plywood; now shoot the .22LR rifle at the plywood.

    Now what I’m sure you would find is that the coil gun’s projectile probably only traveled 50 ft and fell harmlessly to the ground, while the tiny .22 rim fire made a nice round hole in the plywood.

    Why no military is currently interested in coil guns is that they just can not match the energies of current weapons technologies. And when technology does allow coil guns to match velocities of current bullets, those coil guns will have just as much kick as traditional arms. This is because of the third law of motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. And they will be just as loud because most of the heard sound from a gun shot is in fact the sonic boom of the bullet breaking the sound barrier. The fact that most bullets break the sound barrier, while I have yet to see a coil gun that could should be further proof that coil guns while cool are not powerful weapons.

  12. Cowboy Says:

    All in all, the idea probably has been around since the first solinoid was created, and that was how long ago? Yes, the pellet can go reasonably fast, but if you think about it, the military application for this is about as much as a pneumatically powered firearm; with the air gun being the more likely to be used, as there are already air rifles that go almost twice the speed as a little .22. Bigass solinoids will use more energy than a modern 18 pounder, and although there is a chance that in a battle, a ship’s magazine will be hit, wouldn’t it be worse if the ships NUCLEAR REACTOR WENT CRITICAL? Not to mention the massive radioactive contamination to the surrounding ocean. So tell me, would you rather have a big explosion with lots of orangy pyrotechnics, or a f****ing mushroom cloud?
    Please, I want to know.
    Thank you.

  13. Him Says:

    CG don’t have kickback as such…….we they do but its goes into the magnetic field that is created by the coil which then collapses as the voltage drops. crating a surge which can be avoided by putting a diode “backward” across the coil shorting the circuit. So basically you won’t feel any kickback because it is transferred into electrical energy.

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  16. Anothercoilgun Says:

    Yes, coilguns have just as much kick back as a gas powered gun. The bullet is not as fast so the kick back is not as strong. But believe me it kicks like a mule once you have kenetic energies above 50 joules. Dont’ you see my table bounce with each shot? Many times the coil broke free from the tape and shot backwards across the room. I learn to tape the coils down real good.

  17. Justin Says:

    The military is already developing high caliber artillery pieces with this technology. both coil Guns and rail guns.

  18. Justin Says:

    it’s common sense, most Armies are trying out nearly all forms of technology that give them an advantage in combat, if their nation has the resources.

  19. Scorpio Says:

    The military are actually working on a controlled EMP (One that targets specific vehicles or objects) and a programmable computer virus that transmits enemy data before destroying all computer files however it can lay dormant for weeks in the system so it can spread.

    I liks the coilguns. Did you build them all yourself or did you get help?

    P.s. for show perposes the last one is the best because of the charging noise however if used for more selective uses it will need to be silenced.

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    […] Daniel Eindhoven sent in his latest creation, this is one killer looking coil gun! The laser effects are fantastic. If you love coil guns make sure you have a look at our top 5 coil gun list. […]

  21. cdreid Says:

    Obviously noone here has served in the military. And just fyi soldiers would much rather have a .308 weapon that would actually penetrate than the .223 m16/m4.

    We have nothing like the battery storeage technology to make worthwhile electronic weapons right now. You might as well cheerlead laser weapons in battle. To make sense electronic weapons would have to be easily rechargeable, able to put out projectiles the weight of standard rounds as fast or faster. And there would have to be some advantage over chemical systems.

    This might happen in fifty years. Its nowhere near close to happening now.

    As for large ship based systems that is possible but pointless. Ship based heavy weapons are missile payloads now. Theyve mothballed the battleships.

  22. Ejackson4 Says:

    Has anybody thought of applications other than the millitary. A gun that makes no sound and does not need high velocity over long distance? Sounds to me like it has great potential as a tranqualizer gun in say a zoo or something similar. An animal under anasthesia is under conciderable stress as it is and is of great risk alone. So any way of removimg stress during a proceedure (ie a gun that does not frighten the animal by goin bang!) would be of huge advantage. and worth the extra money.

  23. Joachim Otahal Says:

    A lot of those comments sound like from those here in Germany who want to ban “Killer games” like CSS, we are all afraid of what evil it could do.
    If you are so afraid of coil guns, what about knifes? Broken glass? Fingernails? Raw fists? Baseball bat? Hockey bat? Hammer? The mouth of your wife when she is angry?

  24. Alvin Says:

    I use a ignition coil block from a v-6 for car. It works excellet. I don’t have to use caps for power to the coils. So far I can eject a 3/8 rod 200 ft. with a fair impact.

  25. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hey Alvin,

    That sounds like a cool gun. I have never seen one that uses a car coil. Any pictures or videos? It would be interesting in having a look.

  26. Madrias Says:

    Me, I find Coilguns fascinating. Lasers are all fun and such, and yeah, you can burn stuff with a laser, but I’d like to see how much damage someone can do to a piece of plywood with a couple measly DVD lasers (That’s what I’ve got access to: 2 DVD lasers…) I’ve built a small coilgun for fun, shoots .177 cal. pellets. 6x Camera Capacitors wired to Series/parallel setup (3s/2p), a broken doorbell (4.5 MM internal diameter, prewound coil. Problem: Transformer. Doorbell was given after replacing entire system), a standard relay running 9 volts, standard normally open push-button switch, and a few pieces of wood. Charging required flipping a switch.

    Needless to say, it spits pellets about 200 feet per second and is fun for shooting cans with.

    My current project, though, is a DVD-laser diode weapon. In the shape of a gun.

    Why? Same reason I built my ugly-stick (my ‘pet’ name for the coilgun): for fun.

  27. Til Says:

    Has anyone tried how effectiveness (acceleration) of bullets change at different voltages? If J=W*s=V*A*s, then changing voltage to higher (like 5kV for example) could make it pack a lot more of punch. Is it possible from technical side? Just a thought that came through my mind when reading about coilguns…

  28. MATTY Says:

    Imagine a massive coil gun that fires objects weighting TONS into space.

  29. napalmstrike2007 Says:

    maybee a coil gun powered by a nuclear power plant can fire new sattelites into the space without any gas or rockets. or maybee it can shoot down enemy satellites or meteors. (it can stop the 2012 thing?)

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    […] This 5kV Induction Gun can shoot aluminum rings with some intense force. I have seen flying ring toys before which fly nice and straight. I wonder if the ring design is better than the typical bullet shaped projectiles we see on most of these guns. […]

  31. منتدى Says:

    There is no muzzle flash either so that also adds to it in more of a stealth aspect.

  32. David Sarkies Says:

    In relation to the legality of the coil gun and I have discovered that they are legal, even in Australia with its very strict gun laws. The gun laws only govern firearms (defined as any weapon that uses a controlled explosive to propel the bullet) or airguns. Since the coil gun does not fall into either of these catagories, the law does not catch them.

  33. Madrias Says:

    That’s actually kinda cool to know, David. Makes it much easier on me knowing that the cops can’t do anything about my coilgun. I’m only doing this for fun, and as a pound of nails makes a ton of ammunition for no money at all.

  34. موقع Says:

    anything about my coilgun. I’m only doing this for fun, and as a pound of nails makes a ton of ammunition for

  35. David Sarkies Says:

    I wouldn’t recommend carrying it down the street, or even cleaning it outside your local police station. The average cop I doubt knows what a coil gun is and will probably attempt to confiscate it without asking whether it is legal or not. It will only be when you get to court and you (or your lawyer) demonstrate to the judge that it is not a firearm as defined by the act that any charges relating to the possession of fire arms will be dropped.

  36. Madrias Says:

    I understand. Needless to say, I only use it for target practice with wooden targets in the basement. It’s fairly low power, and fun to use an entire box of nails for shooting.

  37. Tom Says:

    As far as militirization goes, I think that the projectile is the main draw back. Yes right now
    it is slow and has low impact energy, but I think that can be fixed. The charge time is a
    function of the power supply and can also be fixed. The battery service length is a actually a plus for military purposes since it could be recharged from any vehicle and changing a battery is as simple as changing a magazine.

    However the projectile is short and fat which increases the rise in the ballistic curve but also makes it hard to handle. A long slender projectile has a flatter ballistic curve which decreases its range, but it is easier to handle. A suggestion would be to package the battery with the ammunition.

    I see real potential for police work especially if it were made to have a power selector switch.

  38. sara Says:

    i want to make it.please guid me.

  39. konstantinos Says:

    Hello sir, i am interesting to buy a portable coil pistol, do you sell one of thease? and how much? Please get in touch with me. Thanks

  40. Systane Says:


    Read that. It explains more in detail for us in the USA about what we can and CAN NOT have/make as a weapon.

  41. webmasterpdx Says:

    You could use a lower voltage and an HV board that you can get at electronic Goldmine. Use iron filings as projectiles….remember, the smaller the projectile the less energy needed. It’s just a matter of momentum. You can recharge using a handle (like in those flashlights you can get at your local hardware store), so it’s actually ideal for the military, as Iron filings take up such little space, and just turning a handle to recharge it means you never run out of power. Making it waterproof might be an issue though….

  42. Stephen Kellogg Says:

    Please do not use metal as a handle!
    I saw the smaller gun and when i saw
    the metal on the handle, a thought struck
    saying, this is not a gun i want use.
    Please coat it with rubber or an insulator.
    i cant imagine holding a device chock
    full of voltage without having some sort
    of ground or insulator.

  43. Sabine Strock Says:

    Hey Daniel,actually both. For drawing tutorials like this one, i think of the the final image first and do some experimentation to achieve the specific look.Sometimes i play around with filters, patterns, brushes etc. and find some good tutorial concepts.

  44. tom Says:

    … well guys technically its not silent, if you scaled it up to a size capable of firing at bullet velocity there would be a sonic boom from the projectile passing the sound barrier, thats half of what makes a gunshot loud

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    […] Image via Hacked Gadgets […]

  46. Ziko Desnaldo Says:

    To those talking about Kick back- Don’t forget that kickback is not caused by a hammer or propellant charge!
    If we briefly look at Newtons 2nd (F=ma) and 3rd laws (Every force has an equal and opposite reaction) we can explain kickback as a reaction to the projectiles acceleration. Although the bullets mass is low the relatively high acceleration results in a large force on the gun and consequently the holder. Seems counter intuitive but is theoretically correct and experimentally measurable

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