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January 27, 2007

Top 5 Coil Guns

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Here is a list of 5 cool coil guns, either one would be fun to try out. Remember that coil guns can be dangerous, if you build one and shoot out your eye don’t say you weren’t warned.

5. The Mk II Coil RIfle

This is the second gun that Nicholas Howard has built.

“This is my second coil rifle, it has a firing energy of about 5 joules and it charges in about 10 seconds. the power source is the 12V 3.5AH SLA batery. This supplies the power to the 12v-240v inverter that provides the 240v requiered by the rectifacation circut. The 400v output from this circut is used to charge the two 400v 2200uF capacitors used to supply the energy to the work coil. it is capable of shooting through multiple soda cans.”

4. 18 Shot Repeat Coilgun

This one packs the punch of an automatic.

“Here it concerns a three speed CG in each case with three Philips condensers 450V/3700µ.
a small lead gel Akku sits above, beside it the potential transformer. the entire part is built from aluminium profiles from the building market, in the center from brass a repeating pin, which always carries senkrechten from the magazine on notice the projectile into the best position. Projectiles are standard mechanical engineering pin 5x38mm…

Unfortunately the Timing is not optimal over into PP more spacer used light barriers, part would be far better with only one coil!!!! ”

3. EM-15 coil gun

The EM-15 is a gun that the military could get lots of use from if it ever goes into production.

“The EM-15 coil gun is a handheld, battery powered (12 VDC) rifle that is capable of launching a .30 caliber metallic projectile at adjustable velocities. The electronic circuit consists of a voltage step-up transformer converter, a Cockcroft-Walton voltage multiplier cascade, a capacitor energy storage bank, a voltage comparator to set the charge voltage on the capacitor bank, an SCR switching section and a single accelerator coil. Other components of the gun are the barrel, breech loading mechanism, battery supply, capacitor bank, control panel, display, projectile, pistol grip with trigger assembly and an aluminum stock that contains all of the components.”


2. Electromagnetic Pistol: CS-P01A

Check out CoilGun Systems for a very detailed write up of the CS-Po1A.

“In this design I decided to use separate holes in the accelerator for the optical gate beam. The reason being that to machine the slot up to this point (thereby allowing beam feedthrough) would only leave a small web between each slot which could result in unacceptable accelerator deformation.

The specifications require a muzzle energy of 4.0J which equates to a muzzle speed of about 25m/s using a solid test projectile. The dimensions of the energy source are limited by the general dimensions of the gun.”

1. ACG 85P 2 Stage Configurable Semi-Automatic Pistol

We have featured some of the work from Another Coilgun Site before. As usual they keep getting better and better! Have a look at the ACG 85P 2 Stage Configurable Semi-Automatic Pistol.

“First portable semi-automatic coilgun pistol finaly complete. This long overdue project started out 6 months ago. Initial the pistol was designed for a lower bank and energy shot level just to demonstrate 5 shots per second at 2 joules. As time passed and parts perished, the orginal designed transformed into a higher shot level and lower rate of fire. The next design will more than compensate for it all.”


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