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January 22, 2007

Xbox 360 Tilt Controller

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It takes lots of work to mod the Xbox 360 to act like a Wiimote. 🙂 This Xbox 360 Tilt Controller reminds me of the this project. Great job! I look forward to the next hack…

“After wanting to play around with an accelerometer for a long time, I finally thought of an idea that would warrant me purchasing one, modifying an Xbox 360 controller to make one of the analog sticks controlled by the tilting motion of the Xbox controller.

The accelerometer works by outputting varying voltages for varying accelerations. I will use a 3-axis accelerometer so it will output 3 varying voltages. I will use an analog-to-digital converter to get the signals into a micro controller. The micro controller will do the processing that determines how the controller is tilted. It will then be output as an analog voltage to the controller in place of the on board potentiometers that are controlled by the analog stick.

Analog sticks work by adjusting two potentiometers (pots). After I took the controller all apart and experimented I found the potentiometers had an upper voltage of 1.61 volts and a lower voltage of 0 volts. On the up/down pot all the way up is 1.61 volts and all the way down is 0 volts. On the left/right pot all the way right is 0 volts and all the way left is 1.61 volts.”

Via: Engadget and Digg


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12 Responses to “Xbox 360 Tilt Controller”

  1. Prylar - Gadgets Says:

    […] Original post by Alan Parekh    Posted in Electronic Hacks, Cool Gadgets, Game Hacks, DIY Hacks, Digg     […]

  2. Chris (precisewitem) Says:

    This is awsome, totally custom design and setup, love it. I personally have no use for a motion sensitive controller, but I love the idea and build ambition. Keep modding, I’m loving these 360 mods – people are doing button duplication and relocation as well as LED mods on the http://www.llama.com forums, I’ve done some LED mods to a wireless 360 controller myself here in the hackedgadgets forums.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. GamersInstinct Says:

    Keep modding son. Keep modding.

  4. Jeremie Long Says:

    Hey How Much to buy one from you. I think its a tight controller man….


    e-mail me and tell me how much and ill buy one..


  5. Alan Parekh Says:

    Looks like you are too late…


  6. Homemade Six Axis 360 - PS3 Network - Playstation 3 Forums Says:

    […] Homemade Six Axis 360 Hacked Gadgets Blog Archive Xbox 360 Tilt Controller Hope this one hasn’t been posted before. Wish I had paid more attention in electronics class. […]

  7. Craig Says:

    check this one out


    they have an even better one with calibration and everything

  8. ryan Says:

    you should make it more compact.

  9. Free Xbox 360 Says:

    looks amazing… but i think i will stick to the wii for now. No way am i ready for that intense of a mod

  10. necio Says:

    is there a way to mod the right stick to tilt insted of the left stick.

  11. Chad Says:

    Starting at 0 volts, with 1.61 volts as the max (for down to up, and left to right) – what is the starting middle voltage? That is, to place the pot at the center. I believe it is .80(5) – can you confirm this?


  12. C.Hill Says:


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