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January 20, 2007

Pocket Commodore 64 Emulator

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For anyone wanting to bring back the C-64 memories without looking for one on Ebay you could simply use Pocket Commodore 64.

“Not everyone has the time or skill to hack together their own “real” Commodore 64 palmtop computer. Luckily, clickgamer.com offers the $24.95 Pocket Commodore 64 emulator for Windows Mobile. This software includes full Commodore 64 hardware emulation, stereo SID sound, keypad to C64 keyboard mapping, multiple built-in BIOS ROMS, switchable NTSC and PAL timing, and true 1541 floppy drive emulation so that many classic copy-protected games will run (I wonder if you can simulate the 1541’s “click of death”?)”

Via: RetroThing

“New Features in Pocket Commodore 64 :

# BIOS roms BUILT-IN ! Choose from 7 Kernal ROMs and 2 disk ROMs !
# Support for both NTSC and PAL timings.
# Support for stereo sound.
# Speed is now nearly 90% above PocketC64 v2.0, depending on the PocketPC model.
# Full menus, keyboard and paddle controls in landscape mode.
# Support for assigning the touchscreen to controllers (use the touchscreen as a fire button for landscape modes).
# Customizable skins.
# Settings saved in state files for games (individual game settings). This can be disabled in the settings, too.
# Screen mode display can now controlled by a hardware button, or the touchscreen.
# Screen can be turned off (LCD and backlight) for sound only use. This can be set in the settings as with the other screen modes.
# On screen joystick controller for older iPAQ’s in Portrait modes.
# On screen paddle controller in all display modes.
# Volume setting in preferences.
# Four direction cursor control keys for easy cursor movement. These can also be set to the hardware controls.
# More game compatibility.
# User specified BIOS ROMS are also supported, enabled in the settings.
# Built in speedometer (turn on/off in settings).
# Expanded full screen modes for optimal display usage.
# No leaks and no memory overwrites
# MIPS versions are now much faster, but there are a few limitations: no stereo sound and sound is sampled at 11025Hz
# Support for .d64, .t64, .prg, .lnx, bas files and now .p00 and cartridges !!
# Now with zipped rom support and paddle support
# Multiple screen orientation/resolution support with auto-adjusting of joystick direction.
# Fast access directory tree with expansion of virtual disks and autoloading of individual files from within virtual disks.
# Full save/load emulator state support
# Live adjustment of user preferences, including video color controls, speed, etc – see the effects as you make them!
# Keypad to C64 Keyboard mapping !
# Video (VIC) emulation: Very fast Line-based emulation, all display modes, sprites with collisions/priorities, DMA cycles, open borders, all $d011/$d016 effects.
# Sound (SID) emulation: Real-time digital emulation (16 bit, 44.1kHz), including filters.
# Full 6510 emulation: All undocumented opcodes, 100% correct decimal mode, instruction/cycle exact emulation.
# Supports advanced programming tricks like FLI, FLD, DYCP, open borders, multiplexed sprites, timing dependent decoders, fast loaders etc.
# True 1541 emulation for exact-sector access (Allows many copyprotected games to run)”