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January 10, 2007

How to put Linux on your PS3

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Are people buying the PS3 for gaming? They may be purchasing them for the processing power of the cell processors. IBM has now made it easy to install Linux on the PS3. You are even able to purchase a system with Linux already installed. I wonder how this fits into the Sony marketing strategy?

“IBM has released a guide for the installation of Yellow Dog Linux on the PS3. The process is as easy as burning a DVD and using a thumb drive to boot the installer. The OS has access to all functions of the Cell Broadband Engine, but specialized functionality like high end video acceleration are locked out. There is some difficulty with the video display. If you have a 60gb version with HDMI and a HDCP compatible display, then you are set. Otherwise, you may have to hack a video cable and run at sub-800×600 resolution. ”

Via: uBlog


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