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January 9, 2007

Car With Twin Jet Engines For Sale On eBay

at 11:25 am. Filed under Crazy Hacks, Insane Equipment

If you are looking to make a car mod that will keep people from riding your bumper this is one solution. Instead of modding your own car you could just buy this one.


2 – T58 General electric Jet engines with afterburners

Ready to race !”

Via: OhGizmo


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27 Responses to “Car With Twin Jet Engines For Sale On eBay”

  1. stoney Says:

    like WTF? =O
    Cool is just too… i think that UberSuperRacingCar.
    I’m going to start saving my money =D

  2. spidr Says:

    I got a question…
    Is it street legal, XD

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  4. mannar Says:

    what a nice car! if i had 30k extra, i could buy it. i want this! =)

  5. mannar Says:

    is there any live action video of this car?????

  6. Bill Says:

    Where are the air in-takes?

  7. LOG OF english » Jet engine car with twin jet engines Says:

    […] Wow! Here’s a jet engine car with twin jet engines on eBay, bidding starts at $30k – [via] – Link.   […]

  8. Longi’s Blog » Car With Twin Jet Engines For Sale On eBay Says:

    […] Ready to race! […]

  9. Gizmodo Japan(ギズモード・ジャパン) Says:


      一見子供が改造したプラモデルのようにも見えますが、実物の自動車です。 トヨ…

  10. sean Says:

    ok where are the breaks :-/ im guessing the intakes are where the engine used to be lol crazyness though i want it >.

  11. az32coyote Says:

    How do you stop it? I don’ see any parachute.

  12. look - Tampa Racing Says:

    […] look Car With Twin Jet Engines For Sale On eBay – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog […]

  13. Stephen Says:

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  14. Nathan Says:

    Were can u buy those 2 t-58 jet engines at. ive been looking around and havent found any for sale
    how much for a pair of those engines to.sweet car by the way.

  15. Koffi Says:

    Lol who cares if it works at all, its just the uber-coolness factor that u pay for enyway xD

  16. steven Says:

    how fast can this go bro

  17. alister Says:


  18. Dan Says:

    HOLY SHIT!! put that thing on the drag race and you win no matter what…thats EPIC UBER-COOL!

  19. Shmoo Says:

    How much horsepower is it and what is its top speed?

  20. Alan Parekh Says:

    It would be 1600 horsepower with those engines. Not sure on the top speed.

  21. Shmoo Says:

    Wow…Impressive… 0-60 in half a second lol

  22. fulano Says:

    look at the first picture… photoshop!!!

  23. Shmoo Says:

    You would need big rear tires to keep it on the ground lol, and how is the forst picture photoshopped?

  24. Need your help to get 1200HP and 2000lbs ft torque - Diesel Bombers Says:

    […] Car With Twin Jet Engines For Sale On eBay – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog […]

  25. sandy Says:

    i don udstand is it a carrrrrrrrrr? damit bull shittttt!!!

  26. shmoo Says:

    Well it has four wheels and an engine, it looks like a car. ._.

  27. Sunday Says:

    Whoa… you can fry the person behind you!

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