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January 8, 2007

Canadians create special gloves for gadget lovers

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Stay warm and still be cool 🙂 with a pair of these gloves.

“It’s freezing outside, especially if you live in blizzard areas, and touching the talk button on the cellphone with big bulky gloves is a daily problem we all face. Fortunately for us, a company in Montreal has solved the problem of operating all your gadgets while keeping your hands warm. The glove is called iTWYF or, I Touch With Your Fingers.(uhhhh?…) Three of the fingers have enhancements: the thumb has a velcro strap that exposes that finger, the index finger has a leather strip that can be used for “target-specific” fingering like iPoding, and the middle finger has a tiny stud on it that you can use as a stylus for touchscreens. The gloves actually don’t look bad [Of course, by this, David means they look horrible. Right? -Ed.] and they come in three colors and sizes to boot. They cost only $39 and will have you on your way to happier gadgeting in the cold.”

Via: OhGizmo and SciFi