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January 7, 2007

Water Cooling Computers With a Swimming Pool

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Looks like this may be a new form of pool heating.

“This rig has been running successfully since 8/06 (knock knock). Computers have been easily swapped out without the need to shut down the pump or any other computers on the line. There is no perceptible temperature difference in the water returned to the pool. However, every machine on the line happily operates somewhere between 30 – 40 C depending on the water temperature. Most of the fans in each machine have either been removed or disconnected making it much quieter. Additionally, the entire room is cooler without the need for air conditioning. Success!

In the future, I’d like to investigate the possibility of using pool water to improve the efficiency of the air conditioner by removing the fan and submerging the heat exchanger. Quieter, cooler, more energy efficient air during the summer as well as warmer water! ”

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11 Responses to “Water Cooling Computers With a Swimming Pool”

  1. Watercooling Says:

    Great Idea! No Noise from the pumps and the radiator. The only thing I would change is this plexi/copper waterblock. I dont trust plexi from taiwaneese manufactors 😉

  2. aquabot Says:

    If you go that far you might as well consider cooling the external coil of a decent size AC with pool water. In fact the mod is quite easy. You rip out the housing, chuck the fan out, pack the coil in a tank and hook up a pump to the relay used to drive the fan. One of my dad friends in Russia had done that in his summer house for household hot water. He used the fridge external coil to preheat the water before the boiler unit. Worked quite well actually.

  3. David Wilbur Says:

    Very interesting idea. I wonder why that isn’t used in server rooms more. “Back in the day” mainframes were water-cooled with large outdoor cooling towers. If you ever move, you could build one of these: http://www.davidwilbur.com/node/6

  4. massivemutant.com Says:

    What a good idea.

  5. sikanrong Says:

    Yeah, I love it. the fact that I could actually bathe in my CPU’s leftover thermal energy would just make a swim that much more appetizing

  6. coldnight Says:

    I know of a sports center with an ice rink and a giant swimpool, they exchange the heat out of the ice into the pool. Very nice building, too.

  7. Alf Inge Says:

    Hei this hack is just fantastic! I love it, and you have done a great job to…

    Alf Inge

  8. Justin Says:

    Nice. The air conditioning mod would be nice as well.

  9. lol Says:

    LOL superb idea

    just becareful when ur swimming, all that copper could poison u lol

  10. Harry Says:

    This is awesome, no need the radiator and soundproof also.

  11. Water Cooling « Digital Dilemma Says:

    […] Heavily inspired by the guy in America who used his swimming pool as a way of cooling his servers. Sadly his original page appears to be gone, but here’s a taste. […]

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