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January 4, 2007

Illuminated Photo and Print Display Lamp

at 6:49 am. Filed under DIY Hacks

This is a simple and very effective project idea that allows you to create a photo display very inexpensively.

“Hold a vivid photo or inkjet print in front of a bright light and you have a basic backlit image display. Notice how the colors become rich and the details come alive. Want to make a simple DIY version that will let you display your favorite image in the best light? Like to have your favorite art or photo glowing at you when you come home or while you count sheep at night? Here it is. You do not need a $200+ extra-large digital display to make this happen. Make your own (low-tech) backlit image column in less than an hour using common materials costing under $15. It is a simple, effective, and safe backlit image display and, if you don’t tell, no one will ever know it is built around a recycled jar.”

Thanks Michael


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