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January 3, 2007

Building a BlueSniper Rifle

at 4:57 pm. Filed under Complex Hacks, Electronic Hacks

If range is what your Bluetooth exploration needs have a look at the BlueSniper Rifle.

“With the BlueSniper rifle, you can discover Bluetooth devices and perhaps perform exploits such as copying an address book. But the physical construction of the rifle is only half of the battle.

In this installment, I’ll cover the software side of construction by providing a step-by-step for building a custom Linux kernel for the rifle. I’ll then guide you through transferring that kernel to the Gumstix computer that makes up the heart of the rifle and storing it in the Gumstix’ flash memory. Finally, I’ll show you how to use some of the basic Bluetooth tools that are built into the kernel.”


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7 Responses to “Building a BlueSniper Rifle”

  1. enelsod Says:

    you shouldnt steal content from others… tsk tsk its bad karma, beside this is incredibly old as hell, i remember seeing this back on tomsnetworking two or three years ago. lame.

  2. blogsnapper.com » Blog Archive » Building a BlueSniper Rifle Says:

    […] More: continued here […]

  3. Q Says:

    This looks like an upgrade from the one three years ago. one the made three years ago had a shorter range exposed elements and was held together with rubber bands. As far as I’m concerned it’s a welcomed hack

  4. Rod Says:

    Dangerous if, casually, there is a VIP in town, some countersnipers in the area, and you (doh) show up in a terrace with one of these…. better make it with another look, like a cantenna, or something..

  5. Rileybud Says:

    Looks good to me want one but where can i get my habds on good quality bluehacking software?

  6. D850e Says:

    Lame you guys….that hack is awesome. Its obvious they built it ground up themselves…

  7. gavin Says:

    i like your techonolgy but i am poor in english
    i want to talk with you and learn from you

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