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January 1, 2007

How much was this check written for?

at 12:29 pm. Filed under Digg, Funny Hacks

Randall Munroe has a great sence of humor! I would love to see the look on the bank employees face when they get to this check! Have a look at some of his cool math shirts.

digg story


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9 Responses to “How much was this check written for?”

  1. XLiquidIceX Says:

    The value is $0.002

  2. Chad in the Box Says:

    Verizon Can’t Do Math

    This check relates to the fact that Verizon can’t do math as proven by multiple emails and recordings to and from Verizon. The amount on the check above is apparently .002 cents. Don’t worry I didn’ know it either, or even where to s…

  3. Gigermunit Says:

    Verizon cant even host a company that doesnt suck……..

  4. hipik Says:

    ˛dont remember that sum, but its definitely 1/2 + 1/4 + 1+8 … which is more than 0.002, i think that the sum is 1. and that e˛taupi i dont know whats tau, because that is variable (correct me with value if i am wrong), that would be +/- 2,6˛3.14 thats not null either. if tau is 1 the result would be 0.002+1+20,09. thats my opinion 🙂

  5. farfetnugen Says:

    exp(i*pi) = -1, it it not tau. It is ‘i’ = sqrt(-1), and by eulers identity exp(i*pi) = cos(pi) + i*sin(pi) = -1. The sum is equal to 1, so it is 0.002 + (-1) + 1 = 0.002 .

  6. hipik Says:

    ok, my mistake, didnt read it correctly, thanks for explanation

  7. Johnny Says:

    I like the memo.

  8. RPM Says:

    $536.49 roughly

  9. Grad Math Student Says:

    e^(i*pi) is -1 and the series is equal to 1. If you’ve heard the audio that goes with the check it’s supposed to be .002.

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