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December 22, 2006

iPod Nano Clone

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Looks like the iPod Nano clone is a slick device.

“Razzer001″ provides us with a brief video review of an iPod Nano clone. This particular model features a 1.8-inch TFT-LCD display, 2GB of memory, a built-in FM tuner, and photo viewer.”

Via: TechEBlog


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98 Responses to “iPod Nano Clone”

  1. Denno Says:

    I just bought one of these Chi-pods about 4 hours ago, I listened to the couple of songs that are budled inside but ran out of charge. Tried charging using the adapter I was given but I got the hourglass picture. These things are useless… Don’t buy them even though they may be cheap. Go on, rob a bank and get yourself a real iPod. Stupid copycatters.

  2. rosie Says:

    I also bought a 16GB which only holds like no more than 200 songs…these things do their job but they suck!! My boyfriend bought 2 for 100 bucks poor thing got ripped off lol!!

  3. Mahatma Says:

    Please please please help me! I can’t get rid of the hour class its horrible.. i tried blow drying it and charging it by my computer but nothing!

  4. Kim Says:

    I find all kinds of posts same issue of Generic mp4 hour glass
    screen but not help responses.
    Did I miss> apologies if I did.

    Searched all data here. If you reload firmware will it restore?
    All threads above explains same issue..


  5. Fritz Müller Says:

    They suck. I bought one 16 GB Chi IPOD. All the mentioned problems occur with my 9.5.54 firmware. It’s waste of time an money…

  6. Frank Says:

    Bought one of these. I solved the hourglass problem by simply using another usb cable. It works fine for me, except when I try to add more songs, they or videos, they don’t play and just say: format error! The rest of the songs work

  7. naren Says:

    mine is 16gb mp4 player cbd co., ltd 2009-04-20 9.5.54. not able to connect thru itune???. and also i can able to copy either mp3 or amv files only. what to do??? pls mail me.

  8. Corner37fa Says:


    what does “format error” is that the memory is full.

    Like everyone, I have the same problem, when you find the solution of pondre

  9. 9mmHeater Says:

    I have a 8gb one of these knock off ipods. Mine works fine.

    I’ve had the “format error”, and music not copying to device saying its full…

    There is a folder that says not to delete and some other stuff. What I did is I backed up EVERYTHING off the mp3 player and stuck it in a folder for “incase purposes” on my laptop. If you are having problems with you mp3 player, then go your My Computer with you mp3 player pluged into your usb port, figure out which device your mp3 player is, then format the drive. After you format it, put all the stuff you just backed up back on the mp3 player. It should work fine again. Also if you put your music in more than one folder, I noticed that I get a “format error” on the mp3 player.

    I don’t know what you guys paid for your, I got mine for $20 off ebay and its been the best $20 mp3 player I’ve ever came across. I think the most anoying thing about my mp3 player it the shake to change songs.

  10. bc Says:

    Does anyone here know how I can backup the firmware? And is there any way to reset these Chipods?

  11. Corner37fa Says:

    Here you can find the answer, there is a firmware extractor you can help backup

  12. bc Says:

    My McAfee AV flags the website for security risks. Can you post the description instead? Thx!

  13. melanie Says:

    I bought the ipod nano 3rd generation clone 8g, almost a year ago…it works great! I payed $36. It takes some getting used to. At first i couldnt charge it. You have to make sure the mp3 is on while charging! My music is in many folders, i have never got any errors. I like the fact that i can delete songs from the device. I never used the video part or e books part cause i don’t want to hassle with it. I only wish i could change the firmware…something that is more like ipod navigation. Just make sure you read costumer reviews before purchasing anything on ebay! I had a real ipod before…over all these knock offs are a 7/10…you get what you pay for.

  14. :) p.b :) Says:


    How we can fix the playlists scanning????

  15. Paul Says:

    I too have one of these. Bought it recently from E bay via Australia for $16(cheap!) Quite pleased with it at the moment. All seems to be ok for down loads etc. Mine is the 8Gb , but I have noticed by following the above advice from David 25 july 2007, that the actual available memory is only 7.2Gb? Would also like to update it though with software from web site but no joy! Any ideas??

  16. Lisa Says:

    I have an 8gb one from ebay, no probs so far. The firmware is pretty basic though. Can’t get a list of songs, have to go through the songs from the start. Is there a way to list the songs, probably not? Sounds like it’s not going to last long but not bad for an 8 year old to use until the novelty wears off or until responsible for a more expensive one.

  17. Mabboseg Says:

    All these fake IPODS have hacked memory (disk space). They may show that they are 8Gb but you will be lucky if they have even 2Gb. The memory chips used in them are like HY27UU08AG5M means it is only 2Gb. the reason to show higher disk space is for them to be sold easily. They start to give problems as soon as you are about to pass the actual memory. So fix the memory by formatting it on Windows FAT32, you would get back the true space plus fix it from dying away.

    Hope this will help

  18. Mabboseg Says:

    Oh ..forgot to tell you something important. Back up all your songs B4 you format. Everything will be wiped out by the formatting process.

    One way you can tell that the player is about to die is: “If you put more songs on the player and they are not available on the player when you want to play them.”

    Try and backup the firmware from the player as well. you will need this if the trouble starts later. DON’T upgrade the unit with another firmware, THE PLAYER WILL DIE.

    Take Care

  19. Mabboseg Says:

    I Need help from anyone who has a player as seen on this YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kI4-cjmIYvE
    My friend has one exactly like the ME2 shown (Smaller Box)but black in color. It was stated as having 4Gb but it was actually 2Gb. He was having problems after using it for some time and he went ahead and upgraded the firmware…
    I have offered him to get it to life again. For this reason I need to extract firmware from a working player of exactly of the same type. So now I need someone to put a post here in this forum who has a working Player ME2 as on this YouTube video. I will provide all tools that will be needed to extract the firmware.
    Please help and in return I will help you with anything that concerns Micro-electronics and Computer science.

    Thank You

  20. Chaosx Says:

    I bought one of these on E-bay: http://cgi.ebay.com/8GB-Slim-1-8-LCD-MP3-MP4-Radio-FM-Player-Free-Ship-Gift_W0QQitemZ320508752348QQcmdZViewItemQQptZOther_MP3_Players?hash=item4a9fcf71dc

    turned it on, all was fine..it works but, the main menu is messed up. I put some songs on it but the equalizer is now missing from it. Anyone know anything about how to get it back?

  21. mabboseg Says:

    This message is for Chaosx.
    You will need the model, make and part numbers (firmware version as well) to know what is actually gone wrong with your mp3 player. Once you have all your details than go to mympx.org to see where you could find ways of getting your player working again.

    You would be knowing that all these players are fake clones … so don’t rely on that 8Gb that was written on it…. Good Luck

  22. Jason Says:

    I know how to fix it. I microwaved mine for 2 minutes in a popcorn bowl of water.
    Fixed it real good.
    Then I went to a pawn shop and got a used iPod for $45.

  23. mabboseg Says:

    Hi Jason
    Real ipods also get faulty….faster than the fake ones, see it for yourself at mympx.org. Plus you pay much more for them and being a basic Mp3/Mp4 players they require (bullshits) like itunes.

    The fake ones are very cheap but are well constructed with good parts (AK1025 chips and Hy27 series flash) but with fake memory sizes. That is the reason they give trouble. All that can be fixed with a little (DIY) technical work. After that it is as good as gold.


  24. Jason Says:

    There are a number of higher quality mp3 players on the market – DON’T GET ONE OF THESE. I don’t use an iPod – I have a Creative ZEN about 6 years old with a real 2.5″ hard disk drive. Just have to treat it with care. Works perfectly. I also have an iPhone that has a few tunes on it – also works perfectly and been dropped a few times. My best machine is an older SanDisk – sounds great with WOW and SRS equalizers. I should never have wasted my money on the Chipod.
    iPods do NOT get faulty faster than these Chinese things. No way.
    If you have a link or YouTube video on how to fix them, I’d still give it a shot. But for now I’ll keep carrying around my 6000 pound Zen!
    by the way, I didn’t really microwave my Chipod – what a waste of a good mw!

  25. mabboseg Says:

    Thanx Jason
    You seemed to be missing my point. The fake iPods can be easily ‘contitioned’ and this have to be done the moment you buy them. Just download (save) the firmware from them and after that, format the player using windows (FAT32). After formatting, it will show the true size of the flash drive, now load back the firmware. All this can be done using freeware tools like “s1res”…. NO PROBLEMS AFTER that.
    You should know one thing Jason, there is nothing like a HIGH quality or a LOW quality player for all the electronics to today’s world is made in China. The real ipods and the fake ones use the same quality parts but their is a huge difference in price. From experience… fake ones are easier to repair than the real ones when faulty. At times it is impossible to repair the real ones for their parts are not labeled.

    If you have a faulty fake player you can follow the steps given in “Dead Player Recovery Guide” at mympx.org. For that you will need to find a matching firmware to load finally (if there is a saved backup firmware it will be easy).

    Finally, when you learn a little of today’s technology (micro-electronics and programming)the life becomes full of fun and without worries. People like me believe in sharing the ideas and joy with others.


  26. Jason Says:

    Actually, you didn’t make that point until now.

    Conditioning? What 15 year-old girl who just received their mp3 player is going to want to dick around “conditioning” these pieces of crap? Do you think Future Shop or Sears or any other store would carry such an item that needs “conditioning”? These Chipod items should be sold as a DIY kit with full programming instructions if that’s the case. That would be something I would be interested in, and a certain pride would accompany it as you would know your’s is customized and assembled by you. That would be tres cool.

    Chipods have one purpose and one purpose ONLY. To make some con in China a living. That’s IT.

    Any Chinese manufactured item, electronic or otherwise has various manufacturing techniques and processes, and are built to a distributor’s specifications – which are essentially determined by market demand. Just because a certain mp3 player uses an AK1025 chip doesn’t make it the same as the next. Basic factors such as a freaking stable OS needs to be included and flash memory needs to NOT be misrepresented as a larger size than it is – what a con! I’m not exactly speaking from my @ss as I do remember some of what I learned in Electronics Engineering in College years ago 🙂

    I respect your opinion but if you want to share joy with others, tell everyone you know to stay away from these crappy rip-off players.

    All that said, you’d be a pretty cool person to have a beer with! It’s nice to have an intelligent discussion.
    I will try some of your ideas to revive my player. Let you know how I do!


  27. mabboseg Says:

    Good Luck Jason
    I can see your frustration…may the creator bless you with a cool mind. Electronics changes everyday so keep upgrading yourself as days pass by, it’s fun, things of the past are almost obsolete now. Who knows you might teach us something in a near future.

    I will continue to help out all those requiring help online with whatever I can. We basic people wish to fix our things ourselves and keep away from over-priced bullshits.


  28. Jason Says:

    And if you want to discuss vacuum tubes one day, let me know! That’s my real passion.

    Take care,

  29. Raezor Says:

    Weel guys i have two dead mp3 players that look exactly the same as the one in the video.. the gui looks the same also , does anyone know where i can get firmware for this?? or how to identify my players from the chips or board? please?

  30. mabboseg Says:

    Hello Raezor
    I guess you are talking about the YouTube video in my post: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kI4-cjmIYvE

    As you would know that I am also looking for that firmware and this is not anywhere on the web now…not even in the Chinese Forum Downloads. looks as if this player was not sold locally in mainland China. If you can find anyone with exactly the same player, it could be copied from that and then loaded on to another. I have compiled a step by step procedure to download the firmware.

    I guess you may be knowing that first you will have to dismantle your player and revive it to the mode for firmware loading (As an adfuUpdate device). The steps are given in an article here:

    This one is easy to dismantle, just open two small screws and remove the tiny bottom cover….the key buttons just falls off. Remove the screen glass and than push out the entire stuff from inside, upwards. Now you can read all the part numbers needed to look for the firmware.

    I can provide you with all the tools and guides but I don’t have the firmware. If you do find the firmware please share it with me.

    You can email me directly for any other help…


  31. yanaung Says:

    2010-04-21 ipad mp4player

  32. dara Says:

    I have poor knowledge on the subject. i bougt a I pod Nano clone from China in Jule with 32 Gb memory looking similar to the gadget in the youtube. After I connected to the computer and downloaded my music/photographs it started showing format error. If I look for the firmware on the ipod i see ( MP$, CBD Co Ltd, 2010-01-07). I do not know how to proceed- I think i even formatted it once

  33. Mabboseg Says:

    This message is for dara
    Dara… your ipod seems to be having a fake memory, it may be having much lesser than 32GB. If you could format it with windows (FAT 16 or 32) it might get fixed and after that it will show correct size of memory space.

    DON’T LOAD another firmware, for this reloading might destroy your ipod for GOOD.

    You may write to me for any other help…


  34. dara Says:

    Mabbseg- I tried formatting the ipod with FAT32 on my system. It subjects to a quick format and not a full format. After quickformat it still shows 32 gb. what do you suggest as the next step

  35. dara Says:

    i bought a I pod Nano clone from China in Jule with 32 Gb memory looking similar to the gadget in the youtube. After I connected to the computer and downloaded my music/photographs it started showing format error. As was suggested on the forum by Mabboseg, I tried formatting the ipod with FAT32 on my system. It subjects to a quick format and not a full format. After quickformat it still shows 32 gb.I loaded some photographs- I could sse some but others started showing FORMAT ERROR; I loaded music- 1 song played for a few seconds- later all started showing FORMAT ERROR. Any suggestions on what I should do?

  36. Mabboseg Says:

    Hi Dara… sorry for taking so much time.
    A quick format by windows only erases the FAT and that is no good. You will have to download a utility program to format your player, I would suggest you download and install “Mp3 Player Utilities 4.18” and than use the format from there. It can format both in FAT16 and FAT32. Either should fix your problem.
    Best of Lucks

  37. dara Says:

    hi mabboseg-i installed “Mp3 Player Utilities 4.18″. but how do i use it to format the player. it has amv convertor, amv player, media manager, mp3 upgrade and uninstal. i used media manager- went to add foder- it showed the mp3 drive- mentioned it needs formatting. however it is unable to format it. quick format works. but that does not solve the problem. it suggests that there may be some read only files which are not permitting the format. what r ur suggestions

  38. Jassy Says:


    i bought a china ipod a year ago. Yesterday it died… now i only have this hourglass.
    What can i do now? i need it simple, because i am a real idiot at the computer.
    You set we need to dismantle it to find the numbers wich show the firmware needed? But my has no screws to open.
    My computer don’t find the player anymore if i connect it via usb.

    Can you help me please??? mail hexe0815@ymail.com

    Thank you so much!!!

  39. Paul Says:

    I recently bought one of these clones after my previous mp3 player bit the bullet during a torrential downpour I was unable to avoid whilst cycling. Haven’t had that many problems with it so far, no sign of any formatting problems……touch wood! The only problem I seem to have with the product is when uploading music files – it only seems to like a certain number of songs before simply refusing to play the rest. Does on the odd occassion come up with “Invalid file format” which I know is rubbish given all my songs are either mp3 or mp4. I assume it’s a problem with the device as I originally put just one album on purely to test the product when I received it which played perfectly but now won’t. I’ve even checked the memory on the device which claims it still has around 2gb of free memory….whether I believe that or not is another thing, but I’ve had no mention of a full memory. On closer inspection, all the songs are on there but some contain a strange undeletable korean file (assuming that’s some sort of error/hack file?) which so happens to be on all the songs that don’t work when not connected to the PC. I have all the songs backed up (I have them all in folders under each artist, should I take them out?), do I just need to format the mp3 player via the PC to ammend the problem or is it something more serious?

    Would appreciate any advice, thanks

  40. Corner37fa Says:

    Paul, I commented, the ipod problem is memory, not have the capacity to think, to know how much memory you really have procedures explained in several posts, or just from where you get the message “Invalid file format” is no longer capacity, is full, remember that the ipod clone lie in storage capacity.

  41. Mabboseg Says:

    Hi This message is for Dara.
    In the Mp3 Player Utilities you will find a menu called Disk Manager, click that after you have connected the player to USB port. Do a full format. This should work…
    Sorry for the delay Dara… I am spending time in the bush..training.

  42. Mabboseg Says:

    Dara ..did you try Low level format first ??
    After low level format a full format should work. During format operations all the files will get lost ..even read only ones. If low level format doesn’t work than there would be other problems, I am figuring it our now….


  43. Paul Says:

    Corner37fa – thanks for the response. Apologise for coming across a bit dim, just wanted to check that my problem fell in with everyone else’s. Have a feeling mine is only 2gb but not bad for £7!

  44. Jaimy Says:

    Okay everyone, i spent an entire day yesterday trying to figure out my fake 8GB nano, It came with a mini disc when i bought it from e-bay from hong kong, on the disk, most things will freeze if i try to open them however one file had no problem, it was one with mp4 in the name, if you have the disk experiment with those files in one of them you go through several sub folder,s and install a program, the programs installed are called MP3 player disk tool, and MP3 player upgrade tool, in the disk tool, you can partition and reformat , this solved my problem with being unable to add or remove songs, from the first time i used it, (it will delete and clear it free) when i did this i then had 2 removable disks coming from one device, and after playing with it a while i discovered that the first removable disk ( for me it’s E, and F) so E, is the only one that actually allows you to listen to what’s in there on the device, Which takes some tweaking in the partitioning tool, because originally it only gave me 7 MB of space on that particular one, i managed to get it to, 300 MB without problem, and then is tore the 7.whatever GB space with other songs/videos, that i can interchange when i feel like it, So that solved many many many of my problems, I have tried saving the setup file off of the disk without any luck, however i have a zip file of the program files which may or may not work for you. E-mail if you’d like to try, now my only problem is i can’t get the fake I-pod to charge! so if anyone has THAT solution for me, PLEASE, let me know.


  45. s.cartigueyane Says:

    dear sir,
    i had purchased ipod mp4 player with 2gb,1.8inch screen and fm. after purchase i had loading
    my favaorite song. once loading some error come intermediate the ipod not working, only
    it displays starting and blinks.please give me solution.

  46. cityycuty Says:

    dear everyone,
    my uncle gave me an ipod. after a few days the music don’t play anymore. it just went all blank and i can’t to listen to any music anymore. no more videos. the oly thing that works is the fm radio. the firmvare version is 2008/09/05

  47. Thaya Says:

    my I pod version is mp4- 2009.04.20 -9.5.54 -4gb.what category video accept this i pod

  48. shayaan Says:

    hy,guys me also got an mp4 player CBD.,Ltd 2007-07-28 9.5.54 its frimwire.wen i connect 2 pc it appearz as “usb” nd i hv a problem wen i add videos whch indicates disk error means dat videos r not played plz help me dat how to add videos nd of whch format there also another problem i copied sum software to whch not shown on my pc.

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