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December 14, 2006

Analogue Video Synthesizer-VGA Expropriator

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Play the video to check out the cool effects of the VGA Expropriator. There are lots more videos and pictures in the creators site.

“Video synthesis tends to be dominated by digital technology these days however analogue video synthesis techniques can still offer a great many advantages in terms of aesthetics, performance, simplicity, and adaptability. Not to mention the non-linear surprises which can come from working in the analogue domain. This “VGA Expropriator” will be the first in a series of proprietary analogue hardware devices which seek to explore the possibilities of digital/analogue hybrid technology in video/audio performance and studio production contexts. The first offering here is essentially a new design with it’s creative process making ample use of circuit-bending methodologies.”


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4 Responses to “Analogue Video Synthesizer-VGA Expropriator”

  1. Chris Says:

    WHOLY CR*P i really just have to sit back and envy the guy that made this, i mean yes its a cool idea but am i the only one seeing all those wires? it looks like he made a PC motherboard without any pcb lol

    Spectacular work though, i cant believe you had the patience for all that though. there had to be a simpler way… well not simpler wire to wire’s pretty simple… but less of a headache to track.

  2. zedomax.com Says:

    Analogue Video Synthesizer-VGA Expropriator

    View This Video on You Tube
    I picked up couple broken monitors at the garbage can nearby where I work last week. (Yes, I am such a el cheapo, I have to go to the dumpster for some hackable parts. Regardless, I also found some PCI serial cards which I…

  3. Macaca Says:

    Wicked stuff, need this on Robodock

  4. blitblit - game art scene life Says:

    […] to get you started check out: THIS, THIS and THIS So you know what other people are up […]

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