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December 13, 2006

Submersible Dolphin Shaped Watercraft

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If you are a compulsive buyer move to the next article immediately. This Dolphin Watercraft made by INNESPACE looks like so much fun, you can actually jump up out of the water in the same fashion that dolphins do.

“What exactly is a Dolphin Watercraft?

A fully submersible watercraft that is designed to mimic the look and abilities of our beloved aquatic counterpart, the dolphin. The Dolphin, originally patented as a VASH (variable attitude submersible hydrofoil), was invented by Thomas Rowe in 1987 with his Dolphin, Noland 1. On September 7, 1992 it became the first lighter than water vehicle to ever successfully “fly” underwater. This groundbreaking craft proved the concept of underwater flight, and paved the way for a new form of aquatic transportation.”

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