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December 13, 2006

Submersible Dolphin Shaped Watercraft

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If you are a compulsive buyer move to the next article immediately. This Dolphin Watercraft made by INNESPACE looks like so much fun, you can actually jump up out of the water in the same fashion that dolphins do.

“What exactly is a Dolphin Watercraft?

A fully submersible watercraft that is designed to mimic the look and abilities of our beloved aquatic counterpart, the dolphin. The Dolphin, originally patented as a VASH (variable attitude submersible hydrofoil), was invented by Thomas Rowe in 1987 with his Dolphin, Noland 1. On September 7, 1992 it became the first lighter than water vehicle to ever successfully “fly” underwater. This groundbreaking craft proved the concept of underwater flight, and paved the way for a new form of aquatic transportation.”

Via: 2BlogGadgets


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15 Responses to “Submersible Dolphin Shaped Watercraft”

  1. Gadget Workshop » Hacked Gadgets Says:

    […] Check out hackedgadgets.com, I especially like the dolphin thingy! […]

  2. Dave Says:

    Taken from the website:

    How deep can the Innespace Dolphin dive?

    Currently dives are restricted to just a few feet below the surface. When the snorkel, (located in the Dolphin’s dorsal fin) is submerged, the engine’s fresh air supply is cut off and the engine will start to lose power. The engine draws such a vacuum during these dives that cockpit air pressure will lower to the point where it often pops the pilot’s ears. Deeper dives may be possible in the future with the use of supplementary compressed air. Most of today’s engines with the necessary horsepower are too air-hungry for this to be a feasible option. The Dolphin uses 200 cubic feet per minute of air, while a Scuba tank holds only about 70 cubic feet of air. (Theoretically enough for a 20 second dive.)

    It cant even dive.. What’s the point. This is just a boat in the form of a dolphin.

  3. Dophin Watercraft | zedomax.com - blog about DIYs and Review on reviews of gadgets and technologies... Says:

    […] via Consumer, dolphin, Entertainment, gadgets, goog, google, google video, hackedgadgets, Travel, Video, watercraft, Zedomax     View blog reactions […]

  4. Jeff Says:

    whats the song on the first video? i want it real bad.. and i would love to drive that thing it looks so awesome!!

  5. Incredible Dolphin-Shaped Watercraft - TechFresh.net - Tech News - Apple iPods Cell Phones Laptop Digital Cameras HDTV DVR Says:

    […] Via HackedGadgets. […]

  6. Barrett Says:

    i remember seeing that same thing on TV (dont remember what channel but ill say discovery) and they were pretty impressive how they could shoot out of the water, then go back under

  7. trimbandit Says:

    “whats the song on the first video?”

    The Pixies dude!

  8. doug Says:

    dont sharks eat dolphins

  9. simone Says:

    omgh this is so cool

  10. giantmecha » Blog Archive » submersible dolphin-shaped watercraft Says:

    […] it exists […]

  11. anthony Says:

    this is some insane pice of eqipment and it would be nice to do some time and i would like to buy one for christmas

  12. anthony Says:

    preetty niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  13. Alma Says:

    What type of motor (engine) does it use?

  14. thomrabone Says:

    totally blew my mind right outta the water !
    The inventor needs to find a supplier of aluminum tanks. 4-5 should do. 2 for the cockpit, 2-3 for the engine. Then just add a means to regulate consumption (air flow). So no ear-drum damage and hopefully the ability to dive and pop up like Ecco the Dolphin !

  15. mike Says:

    Hi my name is mike. Do you have a catolog of your dolphin watercraft? my p.o. box is 73 sultan, wa. 98294
    I saw your watercraft on the travel channel and it’s AWESOME, thanks for your time.

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