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December 10, 2006

Dual Screen Cell Phone

at 5:16 am. Filed under Funny Hacks, What Were They Thinking

Dual monitors on a computer is great, I am not sure how beneficial they are on a cell phone though…


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5 Responses to “Dual Screen Cell Phone”

  1. Shaniya19 Says:

    I am always looking for good information and latest news and I just found your blog about Dual Screen Cell Phone – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog

  2. kate Says:

    why would someone want that though ? lol

  3. aria Says:


  4. k mart Says:

    I like this phone I want one but it might caust alot of money.
    k mart

  5. jacques Says:

    I would like to know if the dual screen can support 2 phone numbers.if so i have a market for it.

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