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December 8, 2006

Vending Machine Hack

at 5:40 am. Filed under Crazy Hacks, What Were They Thinking


Here is another way to rip off a vending machine. But just because it can be done doesn’t mean you should! You may remember some issues plaguing other vending machines. It seems that some of the vending machine companies need to hire a small team of people who just try to poke holes in the product before it goes to market.

Via: Gizmodo and TechEBlog


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11 Responses to “Vending Machine Hack”

  1. bonefunk Says:

    used to do this all the time with the snapple bottle drop machines. theres a trigger on em to disable this trick, so if you do it too often, they may turn it off, and people who should legitimately get a refund wont be able to.

  2. zedomax.com Says:

    HACK – Next time you get hungry, out of cash, and in front of vending machine…

    View This Video on You Tube
    Well here’s a cool hack next time you are hungry, out of cash, and standing in front
    of a vending machine. It seems like all you have to do is hold the bottom flap
    while getting your money back. Well, it’s not…

  3. Alexander Says:

    Since my other post was deleted, just don’t bother. It’s nice to know censorship is still present in America.

  4. George Washington Carver Says:

    this is a load of bullocks

  5. John Says:

    If you choose to do this, you are stealing.
    Just use a sledge hammer and you can steal more at one time.

    Censorship is everywhere.
    This is not America, this is a website. The owners can do what they want.

  6. Alexander Says:

    True, but my previous post has nothing more illigal in it than the video has inside it.

    Why have one post and not the other? The information I posted could be found anywhere by searching for two keywords.

  7. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Alexander,

    It was probably the spam enforcement measures that killed it. It wasn’t censored! Sorry for the inconvenience. I am curious what it was now… 🙂

  8. John Will Says:

    what did it show?

  9. John Will Says:

    what did it show? i really want tto know

  10. shem Says:

    please help me hack toy machines toy tester vending machines and other stuff because everytime
    i put money in nothing happeneds so the machines steal my money thats why i need ure help thanks

  11. Nanie Says:

    … I lol’ed.

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