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December 3, 2006

Crazy Coffee Roasters

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This crazy computer controlled coffee roaster by Matthew Williams is just one of many stunningly elaborate machines displayed on Sweet Marias.

“Here’s my homemade PID’d West Bend Poppery I setup. The PID is a Fuji PXR4 that can be used standalone or interfaced with my laptop via a USB cable. It’s pretty much self-contained except for the external variac that I use to control the fan as the roast progresses. The roast chamber was built out of the original bakelite tube from the Poppery, a 3″ diameter glass tube, and fitted together using hi-temp RTV silicone. There is a screen at the bottom of the tube so you can remove the chamber to dump the beans.”


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4 Responses to “Crazy Coffee Roasters”

  1. zedomax.com Says:

    Computer Controlled Coffee Roasters via PID

    Check out some of these cool coffee roasters via
    It seems like it’s controlled via a PID controller of some sort.

  2. Daily Clerks Says:

    […] George has a great page of homemade “hot rod” coffee roaster, varoooooom! [via] – Link. […]

  3. cantormath Says:

    you have a howto on this?

  4. John Says:

    Does it work well; if so, can I buy one? Martinojon@yahoo.com

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