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November 28, 2006

Zune Battery and Hard Drive Hack

at 7:05 am. Filed under Electronic Hacks

The Zune doesn’t appeal to me very much however it is nice to see that for the people that bought one it will be easy to “upgrade”. I just wonder how long it will take to “fix” the Wifi functionality.

“This Repair Guide or Tear Down is designed to help you replace & repair parts inside your Zune and will help you replace parts needed to restore functionality to any Zune. This disassembly guide is a great reference for replacing: Zune batteries, Zune LCD screens, Zune Hard drives, Zune casings & much more.

We have found that the Zune battery is the same as the iPod Video 60/80GB battery. We can start upgrades for existing Zune customers now. We have also found that the new ZIF (zero insertion force) drives from Toshiba will work in the Zune players. You will be able to upgrade your 30GB Zune to a 40GB, 60GB & 80GB right away. ”


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9 Responses to “Zune Battery and Hard Drive Hack”

  1. Deanot Says:

    You commented on the drive upgrades, to a 60 or 80 Gb, well this is possible, but the covers will not fit as far as I am aware, untested by me, but I did read the hack article on this about a month ago now.
    I would like to see a much better battery in this player, I have one and the battery life SUCKS! period.
    Another thing I hate about it is, the ZUNE software also sucks, not compatible with Media player and takes too long to convert video files!

  2. rich scales Says:

    deanot, u can use zalternator instead of the zune software, that way you can use the zune with media player 11

  3. ZuneClan Says:

    How about modding with a SSD storage instead?

  4. dedles Says:

    my son’s zune will not turn on. What do you think might be wrong with it and how can we fix it?

  5. ZuneClan Says:

    Try doing a reset

  6. dedles Says:

    the reset did not work ….anything else I can try? Thanks for your help and time.

  7. stupidnoob Says:

    Charging it…..

  8. dedlesles Says:

    we have done that….thanks anyway

  9. isojonjon Says:


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