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November 28, 2006

Computer Aquariums

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Here is a cool collection of computer aquariums, most of them are what is known as a Macquarium (made from a Macintosh).
Links 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,9 ,10, 11

“A Macquarium is an aquarium made from the shell of an Apple Macintosh computer. The term was coined by computer writer Andy Ihnatko as a joke (a jibe at the outdatedness of the Macintosh 512K) but Macquaria have actually been built both by Ihnatko, himself, and by many of his fans and some are even commercially available.”


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22 Responses to “Computer Aquariums”

  1. foroFriki » Aquarios computerizados Says:

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  2. Alexander Says:

    OOh… You should never make a fish tank out of plexiglass… The small imperfections can harbor bacteria and it wil be impossible to clean.

    It’s easier to get a glass cutter to cut you whatever shape you want out of glass and make it that way. Also, since nobody looks in from the sides I usually use mirrors for mine–makes the tank brighter that way, with less lights.

  3. RobotSkirts » Blog Archive » Hacked Gadgets » Blog Archive » Computer Aquariums Says:

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  4. Barrett Says:

    The one made from the cube is the best

  5. Ichigo: Noterat » Enormt galleri över Macquariums Says:

    […] Hacked Gadgets: Computer Aquariums […]

  6. Duvet-Dayz Says:

    How-To: Turn your old computer into an aquarium

    Before we had seen the story at “Hacked Gadgets” on computer aquariums we didn’t know how popular these projects are. There are whole web sites dedicated to this topic and people must have gone through quite some efforts to achie…

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    […] MACquarium […]

  12. Taking dorky to "a whole 'nother level!" - 3reef Forums Says:

    […] Taking dorky to "a whole ‘nother level!" I came across this today and thought I’d share. I’ve heard of this kind of thing before but have never seen so many pics in the same location. It gave me a laugh… enjoy Computer Aquariums – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog […]

  13. Learning Gone Wild: 100 Most Hilarious (But Informative) DIY Guides on the Web - Learn-gasm Says:

    […] Computer Aquariums: Create a fish aquarium out of your old computer. […]

  14. Computer Rental Company Says:

    Cool aquariums!Who said that recycling isn’t cool. Based from the images above, this would prove otherwise.

    It’s great to know that computer users all over the world are becoming “smart shoppers” and “responsible shoppers” as well. I for one believe that all computer users should support green computing. Besides, we are the ones who are responsible for the ever increasing electronic trash in our world. It is only right for us to own the responsibility of the proper disposal and recycling of our computer trashes.

  15. Cyrus Says:

    I liked the innovation and imagination behind such work
    Alexander response number 28 on November would plese get intouch with me at memeeastwoods@yahoo.com
    .Iwould love to try the tip you have stated in your comment,I am starting to make acquariums.
    Share more if you have thanks

    Cyrus Nairobi Kenya

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  20. Website development, UK Midlands Says:

    Help! I can’t get the screensaver to turn off hehe

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