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November 25, 2006

Making the Sonar Blu Ray Wicked Laser

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By now I am sure all of you have heard about Blu Ray players. The heart of this innovative device is a special high power laser. Wicked Lasers is striving to bring cutting edge products to their customers. Steve over at Wicked Lasers was kind enough to show us how their new Sonar laser is developed. The crazy thing is that these lasers are so rare they must be harvested out of actual Blu Ray players. If you can afford one of these finely crafted lasers, I am jealous. 🙂

Thanks Steve.

“The photos show our lead laser engineer, Dr. John Garner Ph. D. and his assistant.
The steps to create a Blu Ray pointer from a Blu Ray Disc Player is as follows:
First, the DVD player covering is removed
Then Blu Ray Diode is extracted carefully from the drive.
We have developed a PCB board to pair with the Blu Ray diode and optics are added to focus the laser beam.
After testing the power output, the laser module (Diode + PCB + lenses + brass housing) is inserted into another brass casing for heat dissipation and to fit the casing.
A single Cr-123A Lithium Ion battery is used to power the unit. The dot as shown is purple and registers to be 23mW.”

Here are some specs. for the finished laser.
“Sonar™ is the world’s only Blu-ray™ powered laser designed to satisfy the desires of true laser enthusiasts.

* 405nm Blu-ray™ laser diode
* Spacecraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum casing
* Super-regulated beam stability
* High-drain Li-ion power supply
* Limited edition!”