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November 18, 2006

Small Tesla Coil Overview

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Roger has been quite busy. You might remember his large Tesla coil video that we featured some time ago. Have a look at the collection of videos that he has made so far (many more to come).

“This small DC Tesla coil has very high BPS makeing it sound like someone scratching there finger nails on a chalk board. “


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5 Responses to “Small Tesla Coil Overview”

  1. James Says:

    That looks insanely dangerous, Tesla coils commonly put out x-rays and really aren’t suitable as garage DIY’s. I’d much rather stick to my safe Van De Graaf generator

  2. RMCybernetics Says:

    You are much more likley to get X-Rays from a VDG than a Tesla Coil.

    High voltage makes X-Rays by accelerating electrons until they smash into something. The Tesla coil is AC so there is no time for any large linear acceleration.
    With a VDG, the DC is much more likley to accelerate some electrons.

    Still nothing to worry about, the air will stop the accelerating particle pretty fast anyway.

  3. MIke Says:

    James –

    You do realize that Van De Graff generators have been used to power particle accelerators? There seems to be a lot of miss information about high voltage running around this site.

  4. Patrick Says:

    Wow! the when running on DC it sounds like its possessed.

  5. asdf Says:

    this guy looks like a crazy mofo haha
    very interesting though

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