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November 15, 2006

High Powered Laser from DVD Burner

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I didn’t think that the lasers in DVD burners were this powerful. If you have one that died (hopefully not because of laser failure) you might want to make your own high power laser. Be very careful when playing with something like this. I would suggest using laser goggles when operating.

“The laser pictured above has a peak output measured at 225 mW (average output 200 mW). It’s a visible red at about 650nm. It can light matches, pop balloons, cut electrical tape, and so forth. It can do pretty much anything a Pulsar 150 from Wicked Lasers can do, because it’s basically the same thing. The only differences? This laser was home-made, and cost about 1/3 the price. With the laser diode, mounting hardware, and collimating lens, all that remained was to do the electronics. I already knew, from looking at the guts of a Pulsar, that you could run a red diode without any driver at all – just wire it straight to the batteries. That made it a lot easier. I still had some requirements though. I wanted the option of constant-on so I wouldn’t have to mess around with rubber bands, twist ties, or clips. But I still wanted momentary use too. And I wanted an indicator LED. Also, I wanted to use rechargable batteries, so I wouldn’t have to keep filling the landfills with dead alkalines. Finally, I wanted to use AAs, for longer life between recharges.”

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