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November 9, 2006

Scorpion detection using UV LEDs

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If you have ever wondered what’s the best method to see a scorpion at night. John Bokma has the answer! An array of UV LEDs lights them up magically. John has put together a page with full instructions on building your own.

“Some time after reading “A Powerful New Light Source for Ultraviolet Detection of Scorpions in the Field” I decided to build my own scorpion detection device instead of buying an uv flashlight. Since so far I have found 4 scorpions on my roof, I decided that I simplified the design by using an universal adapter with an extension cable instead of batteries for power. I have plans to make a portable uv flashlight later on.”

Via: Make:


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One Response to “Scorpion detection using UV LEDs”

  1. Elbarfo Says:

    I’m very glad I don’t live in an area where this is needed. Cool idea though.

    Dangerous critters indeed!

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